The Luminous Flame

In my travels, and this was in the living construct and within dreams, I met a being that appeared as a large white flame the size of a human being. The energy projected was overwhelming. The communication that occurred between myself and this being was that it only appeared when I needed to know something that was necessary for my survival.

For example; I was working in a company and did not know how to achieve or do something. I was afraid I was going to be fired because of my inadequacy. I was 21.

This being appeared within my dreams in the guise of my boss and taught me everything I needed to know, which was impossible to learn within such a short period of time.

As I was watching this man leave the room after teaching me, he turned around and turned into a white luminous flame.The next day I could do exactly what I needed to do and did not know how I could do it, but I knew.

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