Chinese Masters

I have been very fortunate in my life. Not only have I been subject to the old nagual Lujan, I have also met many Chinese masters, and fortunately have always been drawn into their inner circle and given information that is usually kept for family and never given to a Westerner.

If you meet the right Chinese teacher he will see, or know whichever the case may be, the energetic signature that you carry as an individual that identifies you to them.

I think this is one of the primary reasons why some may be rightfully suspicious of anyone that has had contact with Carlos Castaneda, because in essence a teacher leaves their signature within their students by virtue of the interest shown through the intent of the student wanting to know. That is also another story.

I have also met teachers of the oriental arts that when, upon meeting me, it seems that their hair stood on end. They did not want to have anything to do with me as well. A lot of times in the Chinese community I have found that they fear a Westerner that has within them, their secrets, and it is automatic in these cases for them to shun so as to wound on an emotional level so as to have that Westerner reflect upon his inadequacies.

It is vitally important to remember not to be wounded in this way, for if we are it is only working on the element of self-importance as an internal distraction, and this is one way to implant an enemy within another. It is like the story of the Trojan horse: it is welcomed in only because the gate was open through not being aware that within the Trojan horse lies an alternative strategy. This is also another tale.

I have met three primary Chinese masters in this world; the living construct. All were hunters of power. Each of them could enter my dreams. They hunt power in the living construct and wherever else power can be available to them. Their primary objective is to expand beyond what they have learnt from their father and their father before that.

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