The Labyrinth of Carlos Castaneda

I know Carlos Castaneda left behind him a labyrinth. I know myself that I have experienced Juan Matus and the old nagual Lujan, and the old nagual Lujan I know was interconnected with an extremely old shaman; obviously the tenant.

There is a traceable track that Carlos Castaneda has obviously left behind to indicate some consistency in terms of verification of something that has occurred.

Some think that Juan Matus was an ascended master that maybe Castaneda had channeled. This could be true. I have been subject to Juan Matus’ presence and the old nagual’s presence countless times outside this living construct; in a dream construct beyond anything that I could have ever conceived of if the contact had never occurred.

These fragments that cannot be verified, or the trickery, is in essence the story that many traverse to discover themselves until they have the ability to see, and for every individual seeing is also personal, yet can be verified.

What a contradiction.

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