Tattoos as Talismans

Tattoos are used as talismans. They are not only used as elements to traverse the dreaming realm. They slow down the energy that surrounds a particular part of the body, and by virtue of this, enhance the power of that region.

The artist that implants a tattoo must have power. Must be clear and creative and mirror the thoughts that you carry in terms of your needs – e.g. progress in your path as a shaman.

I know of one such artist. He lives in Bali.

A talisman within itself should have power. And if it does not then you must see the markings within dreams. Once those markings are seen they gain the power of the observer, and then and only then, propel that observer into the world of the shaman.

Talismans are used also for war. They are war-like. They ward off the intention of an enemy.

The eyes of an enemy or predator will touch upon the tattoo visually. When hit visually the person is delivered to a feeling that is in comparison to the talisman. At this point the shaman strikes and this is not a strike that is obvious. It is a perceptual maneuver that allows the shaman a moment’s pause, to enter the world of the one who has tried to go beyond a boundary that solicits an unintegral entry.

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