We all develop, whether conscious of it or not, relationships with the universe at large. There are deals made in these relationships. Unbreakable deals once made. Energy once transferred is irreversible.

And whether one is a sorcerer or seer and knows what’s going on or not, this is occurring continuously outside the realm of the living construct.

We can learn to become aware of a particular network of inorganic beings that are not interested in any way whatsoever in developing any type of symbiosis that is beneficial to us in the long run. It is only beneficial to them in terms of the exchange that they require, whether we are conscious of it or not, and within this world you can see the behaviors of those who have made these deals, and they are clearly identifiable.

Everybody has spotted this anomaly. Whether they choose to acknowledge it or not is another thing, because in essence acknowledging means taking responsibility for the factors delivered within the equations that are our lives.

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