Dreaming Technique

I have many dreaming techniques that separate the world into parts; visual parts that become layered and compartmentalized through being allocated to a memory or a strand of intent.

This technique has to do with light and darkness. It is a gazing technique.

Sit yourself in a semi dark room that is encased in shadow. Face towards the sunshine. Put an object that you wish to remember or construct in dreaming on a pedestal.

Gaze from the shadow onto the object that is almost enveloped by the light or on the edge or the periphery of where the light permeates the room. When gazing one should notice that the light grasps the object as if enveloping it and it is best for the object to be black.

When the fibrous fingers of light are gently caressing the object, intend to remember the object and open and close the gazing eyes periodically to burn the object’s solidity within the memory.

The darkness emphasizes the scutinization of the eyes by making the pupils contract. And then when you open and close your eyes to intend the object to be remembered, the pupils will be forced to expand and contract, therefore grasping the memory of the object through the gaze.

Before entering into dreaming visually recall the object and the fingers of light. The light is the key to sustaining the object in a dreaming position. Within fibrous fingers of light is the energy necessary to create a non-energy producing item within the second attention.

It may seem that this is a technique to build or create an alternate reality but this is not the case. The primary reason this technique was used was to bring the other, the energy body, or the dreaming body, to that scene through the intent of the observer by virtue of a secondary visually remembered component that anchors the other to that position so as to allow the dreamer to awaken within the other.

This dreaming technique brings about an extraordinarily calm indifference and allows one to focus upon the relevant issues that face the warrior in the waking world. It is of primary importance to focus our full intent upon the waking dream.

It is here in this construct that all the leverage points are to propel one into the unknown and there we can expand our consciousness through exploring the dreaming realm.

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  1. I worked hard at different forms of meditation. I think I will try this dreaming technique. If I can only find some sunshine.

  2. Let me know how it goes.

    Here is a link to the experiences of others that have tried this technique.


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