I Ching and Insights of the Heart


Here’s a daily I Ching reading tossed this morning. Let me know what you feel!

The initial Hexagram is 55 entitled Abundance and Fullness. The text interpretation reads as follows:

“This fortuitous hexagram implies a time of clarity, prosperity and completeness. Like lightening piercing through the clouds, success can strike with incredible speed and force. However, the wise person remains cautious and knows that success often comes with associated dangers. Spend your success wisely and save portions for a time of need. Abundance can come and go. Stay in contact with the person within. You are your own best kept treasure. You are what you are seeking, and always have been.”

This initial hexagram occurs with two changing lines. The first is changing line 2:

Accepting an eclipse – Current problems are temporary. The light will return. Take no heed of gossip. Others may be suspicious of your success, but their opinions matter not.”

The second is changing line 4:

The eclipse still lingers – This is a temporary dark time. But, like a curtain that is slowly rising in a room, light is starting to return. If certain people’s judgments hover around you, take refuge in your close friends. Remain in your heart and judgments will not effect you.”

The final, resultant hexagram is number 11….Peace:

“This powerful hexagram which in its most literal sense means “heaven” supporting the “earth” is an indication of peace and favorable times. This is a sign of prosperity, plenty and success. Heaven and earth are in spiritual contact at this time, and harmony exists between them. Positive energy overwhelms and it is the responsibility of all of us to use and channel that energy wisely and for good.”

(The hexagram generating engine and the interpretations are available at www.ifate.com/iching_index.html . I’ve used this program frequently and absolutely love it! Very powerful and always….always…apropos….right on target like a laser)

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  1. Chris this is a beautiful I Ching reading. Not too dissimilar to energetic assassination in The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception.

  2. Lujan,

    Yes I agree. Gossip is inevitable when stepping out within one’s power into the world with the intent to share one’s experience and hopes in a way that synergizes at the level of the heart. Here, the Spirit encourages us to counter that dark impetus with mutual love, encouragement and positive action.

  3. Here’s today’s I Ching reading….sooo synchronous with yesterday’s, I just had to put it up here.

    First Hexagram is number 25 “Innocence”. The text reads…

    “Your innermost nature is innocent, free from blame and always spiritually worthy. Only the outer persona – the role we play – is subject to blame. This is a time to be authentically self-forgiving for all that you think you have done wrong. Your deepest and most natural self is not to blame. Suffering comes from not knowing what you are underneath all those layers of personality. Be natural and unpretentious. This hexagram is a reminder that underneath there is innocence.”

    The first changing line, line 1, from this hexagram reads…

    “Acting from true nature – Acting out of innocence brings good fortune. This means taking “true action”. True Action is any action that is in accord with a deep sense of doing no wrong. Don’t use too much or too little effort. Proceed with trust.”

    The second changing line, line 5, indicates…

    “Fighting leads to problems” – Don’t fight others who speak ill of you. Their opinions won’t last. Don’t fight problems. Problems dissolve when they are not fought. Shift your attention into what is already perfect: your true self.”


    The resultant hexagram is number 35…”Progress”

    Have to go to work…I’ll come back with the text for this hexagram. :)

  4. Ok….here’s the resultant hexagram, “Progress” and its text…

    “Like the sun rising effortlessly upward at the dawn of the new day, you will find yourself elevated to new heights. This fortunate hexagram suggests career advancement and recognition for a job well done. Expect greater responsibility, prosperity and kinship. This is an opportunity to benefit others while experiencing your own radiance and splendor. Your inner nature grows in brightness and purity. This is a time of awakening to your life’s purpose.”

    Very encouraging! I especially appreciate the precise timing of that of changing line 5 of the initial hexagram. A dear friend of mine has been dealing with troubles concerning gossip mongerers. He has been on my heart and mind within the context of tossing the coins these last two days! :)

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