Genki Sudo and Lujan Matus

I got a surprise visit from Genki Sudo this week. He came to study the Dragon’s Tears and make a friendship.

Four days before he arrived he dreamed with my benefactor, the old nagual Lujan. In the dream the old nagual touched his upper torso, patting him up and down, checking his strength and power.

When Genki told me of this dream he said there was a white imprint of a hand left on his left shoulder in contrast to his brown skin. This is the first time that anybody has been affected so deeply by the old nagual, apart from myself.

I have a white dot on my heart center where Juan Matus and the Tenant gently rested their fingers on different occasions. My hands are also pure white from my experiences. All the pigmentation has been taken from them.

Genki asked me, “What does this mean?”

I said, “Tell me more of your dream”.

He said that after the nagual touched him a star came from the sky, shooting towards his heart center and landing in the center of his body there. I said to him, “you have a lot of power and good luck will come to you because of this”.

In my forthcoming book, “Awakening the Third Eye”, I have explained how stars affect our consciousness and when one leaves the heavens and enters your body, good fortune follows.

My wife, Mizpah Matus, made a raw food smoothie recipe for Genki while he was here. You can read about it on her blog: Green Superfood Smoothies with Genki Sudo.

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  1. This sounds really good.

    A couple of nights ago I looked up to the nightsky with my friend and gazed in awe off all the stars I could see.
    One of them was particuly brighter than the rest, although my friend thought it must be a satellite, but I really don’t know.

    Anyhow, I saw 2 shooting stars! About 2 minutes time between seeing the 1st and the 2nd. It was really cool, the first time I recall seeing a shooting star.

    Not the same as flying into my chest, but still nice ;~)

  2. It is good that you are open to the heavens. Genki is very special.

    If you are patient I have a star-gazing technique called ‘gateway’ in my new book ‘Awakening the Third Eye’. This will allow you to take star energy into your body to resolve the unresolvable.

    Good to see you Pom.

  3. I think I might be open to the heavens, at least I hope I am; it sounds like a good state to be!

    I would like to find out more about this Genki…

    I’ll be patient and look forward to your new book and using the technique. Resolving the unresolvable sounds very practical indeed.

    Good to see you to Lujan. Hope to meet you in person sooner rather than later.


  4. I can’t find suitable words to express my curent feeling. I’m Toshihiko Sato lives in Japan. I read th articles about Genki Sudo in Mizpa’s blog yesterday. And I found this forum today. I’m a pretty eager fan of Lujan since I read your Japanese version book last year. I know Genki well beacuse I was keen on watching martial arts fights past 30years.
    Therefore I was very suprised at the fact that he met you recently in Costa Rica. I’m a king of procrastination but on the other hand, Genki is smart enough to catch the tide appropriately and quickly like an expert of stalking.
    I started astro photography and star gazing 3 years ago. I went to my usual place, a small hill that is 1hour drive from my home last saturday night to take photos of stars. Whenever I go to mountains, I always practice Makaba meditation which is taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek while taking photos. I witnessed a stunning shooting star which is as large as moon I’ve ever seen at that night as well as alomost 14-15 shooting stars in 3 hours after energy work. I felt that I was surrounded by a strong energy & feeling of delight and appreciation. When I saw Genki’s “World Order” video clip, it reminded me an impression of this striking incident. (To be interest, I read Pom’s commnet which mentioned shooting stars after this.)
    Anyhow, I was surely, deeply inspired your words I could find here and there in your website & your blog today. Thank you ver much.
    P.S. Your energy is similar to the Andromeda Galaxy, indeed…

  5. Toshihiko Sato, I am very pleased to meet you.

    And yes you are right. Genki is a very powerful young man. When he went to New York he wrote me and asked whether it would be ok to visit him. Unfortunately I was too busy so Genki being the resourceful human being he is came to Costa Rica and stayed for three days.

    While I was teaching Dragon’s Tears to my students Genki participated. He is very proficient in terms of his body consciousness. He quickly learned.

    I also shared with Genki the shadowless fist. It is called the hurricane.

    This is usually taught to advanced students. Genki picked it up in 15 minutes. This not only attests to his personal power but cognitive intelligence.

    If you would like to send me some pictures you have taken that have to do with astronomy I would love to put them in the blog.

    Genki said that the Japanese version is very difficult to understand. Even in my native tongue the meanings are held within abstraction, waiting obviously for consciousness to unfold upon itself. Thus the realizations mirror the consciousness of the receiver.

    I enjoyed your post. I wish you all the best. Warmest and deepest respect, Lujan Matus.

  6. Thank you for your kind reply, Lujan. I’m walking on air! Unluckily, japanese translation of your book published in Japan wasn’t so good campare to japanese versions of a series of Carlos Castaneda’s books. When I saw your website and read some articles, I thought the translation should be blamed. I browsed the book shop today and purchased one book of Genki, I’ve stood and read his books in a store before though.
    I didn’t know that he also read all of Castaneda’s books.
    I’m very honor and pleased your offer posting astro photos.
    I send 3 photos to your E-mail adress linked from Parallel Perception.
    I wish graceful dance of star light would reache the heart center of people with all my heart.
    Warmest and dearest respect, Toshihiko

  7. Toshihiko Sato I didn’t receive your pictures. Did you send them to ?

    When I receive them I would like to write a new blog post highlighting your work.

    Warmest regards,

  8. I’m very sorry to cause you such trouble. I resized photos but still the size might have been too heavy. I resized smaller again and sent again to your adress.

    Toshi (call me Toshi for short.)

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