Eye of the Nagual


This is a post made by Lyra in Lujan Matus’ Parallel Perception Forum.

If I remember correctly, glance has mentioned seeing a blue eye during meditation before too. I have been seeing it often at the start of my meditation ever since I decided to have a more regular routine of workout+meditation recently. I believe I mentioned this to Lujan before, that it felt like this blue eye was his eye/compartment, and a connectivity we all can have with him at moments such as in meditation.

Today superimposed within the eye was much more than I’d noticed/seen before. It opened up like a kaleidoscope within outer space (while trying to recreate the image as above, I noticed the white emanating lines are the superimposed rotations of the left and right eyes as was discussed with the swastika in the new book).

The following images that lead out from there went much much further than the universe and void. I see now what some of you have mentioned as traveling in the eyes of the nagual.
Happy travels blue cosmonauts!

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