Raw Vegan: The Power of the Body


Through my life I have trained very hard to manifest not only the appropriate amount of energy to sustain a progressive consciousness, but also to keep my physical form intact so that I may live a long and happy life.

I stopped eating meat for the very same reasons that Hugh Jackman has; being concerned about obvious outcomes, hormones, antibiotics, the putrifaction process. You can read about his experience and how he has realized, through his own evolutionary process what is right and wrong for him here:

Big, buff and vegan: Packing on muscle in a healthier way

When I was eating meat I was training six hours a day. When I went raw vegan it took me a six month transitional phase to get used to digesting plant matter. Once this was set in motion, I not only became clearer, but physically stronger.

Now I train eight hours a day. Sometimes getting up at 2 o’clock in the morning to train because I was awake and feeling vital.

The raw food diet has changed my physical form. More dense and compact muscles sustain me in a way that I wish I would have been a raw foodist all my life.

But nevertheless everybody is realizing that we can’t keep proceeding and surviving as a species if we don’t consider the impact our dietary habits have on our planet and on our personal health, which equates to our personal and collective perceptions.

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  1. This has been my experience also. :-)

    Raw food has energetic integrity in terms of an intact biophoton field. Thus it supports physical integrity, and consequently, consciousness integrity. This subtle field of light is what activates our dormant genetic potential. So we are literally what we eat, because the quality of our food determines our genetic expression. The more mineralized we become, the more channels of consciousness are “turned on”. Different minerals will ground different frequencies of consciousness, so in mineralizing your body you not only awaken the dormant potential of your body, but you anchor this higher consciousness in the Earth for the benefit of all mankind. There is a group of minerals called ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monoatmic elements) that are not in the traditional table of elements. They are very elusive because they jump in and out of the 3rd dimension and therefore act as superconductors in our body, increasing our light quotient and biomagnetic potential. ORMUS is found in many different plant foods, and “hides” in the polysaccharides of ie. aloe vera and the goji berry. It can even be extracted from pure ocean water by alchemical methods. More on ORMUS here:

    Mineralization is really the key issue, and the modern acidic lifestyle depletes our minerals, which is like pulling the rug out of our consciousness.
    If we don’t have all the 92 minerals (+ the ormus minerals) we will not be able to think clearly, and this is apparent in all of society today.

    The living Minerals are our Mother Earth, Gaia.
    Only she can lead us to our Father in Heaven.

    “God sleeps in stone, breathes in plants, dreams in animals and awakens in man.”
    – HIndu saying

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