Shamanic Workshops in Cape Town with the Nagual Lujan Matus

Very soon after we arrived back in Cape Town Lujan contacted me and asked if I wanted to organise some courses in Cape Town. I was very excited and asked when? He replied in 4 months time….gulp thought I! I felt excited about the idea and I discussed it with my friends. They were planning on flying over to him anyway so it made more sense to bring him out here. So we did.

Everything fell into place. I organised a talk that had a turnout of 50 people. We all sat in the room and settled down as the Nagual softly began to speak. Very quickly everyone became quiet and their focus became strongly attentive on the Nagual. Mizpah and I were sitting on the side of the room and within minutes my vision blurred as a wave slowly rolled through the room, a wave of pure love and power, touching the hearts of those that were open to it. I sat there feeling my own heart respond as my head thought, can everyone feel this? Are they aware of the Nagual energy? Well I soon found out from the feedback afterwards who did and it was the vast majority of the group. What a magical experience witnessing this group heart activation, even though it was just a taste of what it was like to work with the Nagual.

In the middle of a national financial dip, we had 22 people that were drawn strongly to this work to attend Dragon Tears, so we had ourselves an amazing workshop. We used a beautiful venue in CT, up on the side of the mountain, on a property of botanical gardens and we worked in a thatched loft. It was magical.

During the course everyone went through the process that they chose to surrender to. It was truly fascinating sitting on the other side of the room witnessing the turmoil, the letting go, the avoidance and the moments of freedom when those chose to drop into themselves. The group dynamic is so powerful as one is surrounded by many mirrors. The most magical experience for me was towards the end when their bodies had become familiar with the movements and we all moved in unison during the Tears, like the waves of the ocean. It was an otherworldly experience, we all travelled on the waves of time into a place of stillness within motion. What an honour to have organised such a powerful event.

It has been fantastic to be there for the group afterwards, to assist in the deeper integration of the Dragon Tears movements. Through this I have watched the process of everyone chipping away at their onion skins a little more each week. The group have also formed some deep trusting connections with each other. They are already talking about Lujan’s return at the beginning if 2012. I can’t wait to see how those workshops will unfold!

Lujan and Mizpah I have so much love and respect in my heart for you. Thank you! What an exciting journey
Kheryne Danu
Cape Town
South Africa

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