Personal Power

Adaptation without corruption
is the key to personal power.

Lujan Matus

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1 Comment
  1. Something rather beautiful has dawned on me and that is in recalling the editing process of TAoSPP text recently. Something strange happens when reading Lujan’s texts and I have just absorbed such a lovely understanding of this just now. Acceptance and giving something space to be, accepts the Oneness of all things, and as such eliminates duality from One’s consciousness. To give something space and thus only adapt oneself, without judgement but with a superfluidity, is to make the choice to step into Oneness and thus not choosing to be in opposition, which in itself creates perceived duality. This is the experience of love.

    In the feelings of giving space for an editing process of texts which somehow seemed outside of my own experience, with each passing of awareness, I had likened it to Bodywork, an energetic exchange of love which produces a state of healing. I can see now, how this also is a learning or an evolutionary process in terms of being applied to text. That is, to consciously engage with Lujan’s written dreaming, initially which seems like a foreign dreaming, begins to manifest as collective dreaming as it evolves. Thus, there is a notion of a development of power, which is indeed personal as well as empowering. This also is love.

    I am feeling that the creation of space and holding space, is an act of love and Oneness. To also allow oneself to become adapted by creating space as well as to remain uncorrupted is truly personal power which is also an emanating empowering.. and this is love.

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