Stalking the True Essence of Eternity

Will and feeling belong to the lower regions. When one is engaged primarily with the solar plexus, the umbilicus is engaged. This is where the primary elements of stalking manifest.This has been described as the lower disc.

The upper disc’s functionality propels itself forward through the eyes. It’s anchor point revolves solely around the heart center. Will here is felt through the eyes, interpreted with the heart. It is true sweeping when an operative sees the world this way.

They will feel the chakras of others approaching through their own centers rotating from an identical perspective. This is impersonal yet absolutely personalized.

Ruthlessness can be applied from this perspective; not the ruthlessness of stalking but a ruthlessness that knows every ounce that approaches and then waits to see through the third eye capacity whether it be a simultaneous occurrence or something one has to wait for patiently as the universal de ja vu manifests as a visual imagery that is either internally stationed or externally seen.

One operates from there with the heart open. It is not sweetness. It is the very vulnerability that the seer is revealed to from his center to know the dangers that approach.

The hand of eternity acts for the seer, yet the warrior is intimately connected at this point to all nuances of this emerging functionality of the third eye. Whereas the old seers engaged their strategical maneuvers to move the world in comparison to the dictums that were and are to this day the functionality of their body consciousness, connected to items of foresight, that are the individual personalities that gauge the strategies to be employed.

Awakening the Third Eye opens us to the central matrix that governs the upper and lower discs in harmony. The primary commander of this is the heart center.

If you wish to discuss this subject further, please visit the Parallel Perception Forum and the thread entitled ‘In search of more answers’,

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