Xenoestrogens – Changes in our Biochemistry

One of the most frightening things that has come to my attention of late is that xenoestrogens – mock female hormones that are exuded from plastic drinking bottles – are being assimilated into our biochemistry and changing the fundamental rhythms that are the basis of a healthy life; our hormones.

It seems to be very difficult to obtain your water in a third world country in anything other than plastic. There are no facilities to take glass to be refilled. We are literally being cornered into this consumption.

Even in Western countries, where modernization is seemingly there to aid us, we are not being informed of what we are consuming indirectly through drinking bottled water. There have been major studies done on the plastic bottles that are provided for infants and when they were heated they exude extremely high concentrations of the chemical Bisphenol A from that point onward, just by the mere fact that the bottle has been warmed once, and this is being consumed  by the delicate frameworks of infancy.

How wicked and irresponsible it is of the multinationals to provide such harmful doses knowingly to our children. The long term implications are yet to manifest in them and they are our future.

Photo courtesy of net_efekt 

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