The Shaman and Soul Loss

When one feels a lack luster daily existence, that is, a lack of a personal dynamism in their being, the shaman views that as a sign the individual has experienced soul loss. Such a loss is believed to be the leading cause of illness, both physical and emotional.

There are several indicators of soul loss. Chief among these is chronic illness. Others include feeling emotionally empty, depression, lapses in memory, and in some cases, out of body experiences.

Because the shaman believes soul loss is the cause of illness, he becomes concerned about the depletion of one’s spiritual energy. That depletion becomes all the more serious if the soul permanently leaves the body. If that happens the body dies. The primary goal of the shaman then is to retrieve the parts of the soul that have left or the whole soul in order to return the person to a natural harmony and zest.

Only parts of the soul may leave the body. When they do they don’t go to a soul repository and remain in limbo. They continue to exist, to live a parallel existence in non-ordinary realms of reality.

What causes the loss of soul and for one to become ill? Generally, there are three causes for soul loss.

1. The individual has suffered a frightening trauma

2. The individual experiences a sense of abandonment

3. The individual’s soul is stolen

The shaman’s first task is to determine the cause of the soul loss. Once that has been determined he may than begin the procedures for retrieving the soul.

Dr. Wilson has forty years experience in education at the junior high school, graduate school, and community college. He is the author and co-author of textbooks in literary criticism and in the humanities. Besides having over 100 articles published on the internet, he is the author of The Shaman’s Quest, Adam: The Transformation, and Apocalyptic Adam.


Photo courtesy of Colin Key

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