The Other

Within myself,
the other appears,
somewhere else.

Lujan Matus

Photo courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar

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1 Comment
  1. Dear Lujan,
    I so love that you posted the heirglyphs here, and the way that you expressed how they are intended to be known. Somehow I understood…You probably don’t remember that I did see them in another ‘frequency’ , yet also experienced as overlaying the essential body, after first seeing them in your book. They are very eloquent and profound. I am happy when I read of the respect and gratitude that your students express toward you. And of course of the wisdom and expansion that your guidance affords them. I don’t know what you might share face to face with an old womana like me, but, if circumstances allow, I will one day find out!
    And, if not, l dare say, it may happen anyway!
    By the way, the other night, the clear dark sky was filled with stars. But one to the southwest stood alone. It was unlike any I have ever seen. It looked like a fireworks just ignited, yet suspended-all of the arcing rays emanating from its radiant core… It was very compelling. I feel blessed…
    With a deep bow and joy,
    Raka Satori

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