Controlled Folly

The following is a post written by Phe and excerpted from a discussion in the Parallel Perception forum: Controlled Folly

We can also call controlled folly Wei Wu Wei or Emptiness. When we recognise that we are a oneness, and we contain everything and we are nowhere now*here, we can practice emptiness. This is controlled folly. When you are empty, your internal dialogue is quiet, your attention is merely observing, seeing, hearing & knowing the streams of information that are in your environment.

The personal ego internal dialogue does not take over you or take you on a ride of emotional stress to fulfill an agenda. You have no agenda. The streams of information that are in your environment can be of immediate /remote, physical / non physical content. You are a conduit, a medium of the moment.

You experience the people, animals, places, frequency shifts from cosmic sources etc you are a medium of where your attention goes. You are also a medium of beyond your attention as you merge your attention with the conduit nature, in service to what is being presented now*here. You are nowhere because your awareness is not limited to time-space location, immediate and remote information streams according to frequency resonance.

If everything is a reflection and a kind of folly, while we live here on this planet in a human body, how do we interact with this place and this form of being? How do we socialise? How do we be? The concept of karma explains how each thought & action sews the seed for what we will be reflected with.

The path of practising controlled folly consistenly reveals the self to the self. It reveals all the distortions we have made an agreement with at some point that become internal noise where there could be emptiness & silence. So we look within, and release the imprints that are those agreements through which we can become distorted.

We are pressured to make these agreements from family, social and societal concepts of “how to be” and “how to survive and be successful” in this place as it currently is. Language is filled with distortions so we become increasingly eloquent and specific in what and how we express everything. This is the heart’s voice. It is direct, clear, unpredictable and contains tranmissions of information even beyond what is being articulated.

When a being is empty, their presence of seeing without distortion or personal involvement will be a revealing catalyst for others. Controlled Folly sees without the seer inserting themself, so the seeing does not compromise, does not distort, does not judge and also does not protect anyone from the revealings. Seeing does not protect denials. In these circumstances one can see themselves in the presence of one who is seeing them.

I usually witness two main responses to this seeing of self via one who is empty. One is to look within, and go directly to the imprint and the denial to love and heal it, there by removing its compromising distortion from your life. This may consist of asking for help and asking for reflection of what is being seen by one who sees.

The other response is to feel judged and attacked by the one who sees and to counter attack, projecting the imprint onto the one who is seeing it, rejecting the opportunity to deal with it in that moment. The sense of feeling judged is actually coming from within. We create denial inside ourselves through judging ourself and the fear of another judging the same way is what is being expressed. Not only is the healing opportunity missed, but the imprint is reinforced with further emotional shielding and content.

When a seer is an empty conduit they will be experiencing others feelings or pressures and there is a delicate path of learning unfolding to meet their feet to be able to recognise what they are sensing and where it is coming from and how to be of service to this. There is no formula or consistent strategy. There is only love, truth, presence and fluidity of adaptable response in constant service to the moment at hand.

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