Candle Gazing Technique

Set a candle in a bowl of water. Have the candle in a smaller bowl floating.

Never directly look at the flame. Look at the reflection directly under, then look at the very bottom of the bowl where light has been caught.

Remember the dancing shadows and light is an important element.

Once the room has become completely dark look above. Fill the bottom quadrant.

Look to the left. Fill the right quadrant.

Look to the right. Fill the left quadrant.

Look directly under to fill the upper quadrant.

And remember the quadrants are only filled with light energy when they turn, molten, luminous or phosphorus.

When you feel the pressure in your mid eyebrow or frontal lobes, you know it is time to go to the eyelash technique where the lines of light come towards your body through your intention.

When you feel the time is right, close your eyes and visualize a ball of light either within your  third eye or outside your third eye.

Once you’ve achieved this imagine yourself in void-like blackness and see yourself traveling within the blackness, encased in a luminous ball.

Next step, when you feel the time is right. Open and close your eyes looking at the vase until it becomes clear. At this point you can cross your eyes and make a duplicate.

When your eyes begin to get tired look above or below, depending on which one you are comfortable with, and see the candle as luminous.

The most important part of this technique is to feel the sensation of sleep within your body while you are awake.

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  1. Just a question if I may.

    When I start a gazing technique often a feeling of drowziness will come over me, and my eyes will get a flickering sensation. It is as though I am about to fall a sleep and wake with a start all in one.

    Should one persist through this or try at another time?
    What do the sensations indicate is happening?


  2. Hi Lujan – would you be kind enough to explain the ‘eyelash technique’ please?

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