Synchronicity and Guidance

By Neal Ryder

Someone asked: “I’ll be home and I can almost know when the phone is going to ring and who on the other line, I can start thinking about someone and then they call.”

One suggestion is to let this be a game you play, consciously do that with each phone call. If you are comfortable with that, there is more.

Doorways are being open for you. These experiences can be understood simultaneously as synchronicity, intuition, and an experience of the unity of life. You can explore them based upon your interest. Synchronicity lets us know there is more to life than we might be currently aware of. These events could also be understood as our being connected in ways that don’t fit into our normal perceptions.

Synchronicity, first described by Jung, can be defined as: “the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner.” The concept “maintains just as events may be grouped by cause, they may also be grouped by their meaning. Since meaning is a complex mental construction, subject to conscious and subconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events by meaning needs to have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.”

If you are comfortable understanding these events as synchronicity you need not go any further but there is more, so much more. The more you let yourself have some fun and explore, the better you will become at doing it. Synchronicity will then show up in other ways, and you may begin to understand them as expressions of intuition. Those effortless feelings or thoughts that offer insights.

Intuition is a stepping stone to guidance. Intuition being random and guidance being asked for, more specific, with the purpose of offering us deeper understandings regarding choices.

From a spiritual perspective your intuitive gifts are beginning to emerge and your guides/angels/higher self are working with you. When this initially begins we believe these experiences or thoughts are “us” but if you decide to develop your gifts you will find that the energies behind these thoughts are finer. They vibrate, you can feel them in the heart. This differentiation helps us recognize the difference between our normal thoughts and what I understand as guidance.

The potential is to move from synchronicity, to intuition, to guidance, to connection. They are a spiral, not a linear progression. There are always more synchronous events to recognize; finer levels of understanding available through guidance; and consistent connection, regardless of the circumstances.

Intuition, guidance and connection are expressions of soul qualities. The development of this gift is up to us. While these events are unique to us as individuals there is nothing unusual about synchronicity or this gift. We all experience synchronicity, though it may not be recognized. We all have the ability to be more intuitive. We all become “more” when our conscious mind and our intuition support each other.

There are many ways you can explore, and there are markers that allow us to recognize and trust these experiences. Begin with the intention, if you want,, to develop your abilities. Then ask to be shown your next step, literally.

This is a fun journey, enjoy!

Neal is a gifted intuitive healer, inspirational author and global teacher who has dedicated his life and training to bringing forth the Divine Radiance in people – not in concept but as a state of being – which infuses his clients with healing, wholeness and celebration.

Neal offers a wealth of information through his blog, newsletter, articles, workshops, intensives, expansive programs and internet radio shows all drawn from the core content in his book, Living a Radiant Life: A Compassionate Compass To Unity and Wholeness.

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1 Comment
  1. It is important to differentiate between intuition and judgements. When I was young I often made bad choices cause I thought I was judging people while in fact I was receiving guidance and serious warnings. An intuition will come as an all of a sudden thought, unrelated to the habitual chatting we have in our mind. The judgement comes in second, as soon as you say: “Yes but” that’s a judgement. As an example of this, I would get a feeling I should avoid a certain person and would ignore it cause I felt the GUILT. “Hey! it’s not nice to judge people!” Who do you think I was judging? I still double check myself to make sure I am not mistaken but I do take a much closer look when I get a hint. Life is amazing!

    Love to all


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