The Three Treasures

The Three Treasures are a vital practice that I am now releasing to the public because of the great interest being shown in terms of devotion to the warrior’s way by my students. It is the gift of gifts. The secret of longevity, vitality and happiness.

It is practiced in the morning upon awakening, utilizing the base energies of the sexual center, transforming them into a bioelectromagnetic potential that will awaken the practitioner to the biocognition that necessitates the first step; the essential element that awakens one to be conscious of the expansive aspect that grounds itself by virtue of its own density, free of the intervention of the warrior, thus displaying its independence, even when cultivated with steadfast fortitude.

There is no prerequisite for this program. It can be learned before Dragon’s Tears, Earth Energy Tapping and the Jaguar Series and is a complete practice within itself.

As is the case for Dragon’s Tears and Earth Energy Tapping, students can return to review the program for free as many times as they wish, so as to fortify and refine the subtleties of the movements. This offer is valid for a lifetime.

Click here for more information about The Three Treasures Shamanic Movement Program.

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