Seeing the Luminous Field

When one witnesses the sight of a human being in a state of subtlety they can see that humans are composed of pockets of energetic fields within the container portrayed, or the luminous egg.

When a seer sees this phenomenon they learn that – for one that is possessed by reason alone – their basic functionality erupts from the liver into the mind and vice versa in an endless loop. Within this state the lungs become aggravated and instead of expressing courage the lungs couple with the liver and subdue the inner seer from within.

When this is seen it is realized that the loop itself constrains the parameters of consciousness within that loop by virtue of the feelings that erupt from the field of awareness that contains the perceptions.

These primary fields are the liver’s energetic manifestations and the mind that witnesses the associated emotions, that sustains itself within the parameters of that justification within that observance, even though the one within this conceptual field does not even realize the process by virtue of not being capable of seeing.

There is a second field that a seer observes outside the constraints of this living construct. The inspirations of this field erupt from kidneys, spleen, heart and lungs.

In combination these organs delineate their power to the primary seat, which is the heart. And from this primary seat erupts the pure intuitive self that speaks without the intervention of mind and by virtue of this the intelligence portrayed governs the realization in correspondence to the amount of energy the seer possesses.

Photo courtesy of H.Koppdelaney

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