Stop Thinking

I was speaking to a friend recently. He said, “You are the nagual and I kinda expect the don Juan thing to happen with you as happened with Castaneda.”

I looked at my friend and smiled informing him that he was missing the very magic that was right in front of him.

“If you cannot stop yourself, there is nothing I can do”, I said.

He said, “What do you mean? Stop myself?”

“Everything that you do that confirms your world to you, yourself to yourself, is what you need to stop so that you can be renewed and see the world afresh. “

He said, “But I am here. It is a new day. Everything is fresh and new.”

I said, “That’s true. Are you thinking?”

He said, “Yes”.

“Can you remember a time that you didn’t talk to yourself?”

He said no.

I said, “What about your feelings? If I were to challenge you would they defend themselves?”

He promptly said,”Yes I probably would defend myself if you were to challenge me.”

I said, “Then this is really where the problem is embedded. You are thinking and then confirming what you are thinking through feeling. And then if you are challenged you feel you need to defend who you think you are. But I can guarantee you, who you are is not what you think. Who you are is infinitely more than this.

“And when your feelings are connected to thinking I can guarantee you, you can know so much more if you allow your heart to speak. And the only way your heart can speak is stop thinking and then if you stop thinking you may have a catharsis; an eruption of feelings that have been controlled by you.

“So let go of your control. And be with the world and allow your vulnerability to come to the surface so you may truly see the moment that is continually escaping you, delicately arising to be witnessed. Then the world will truly be full of mystery.

“There you will not take anything for granted. An eternity will be awaiting within that moment. But first you have to stop thinking. “

Photo courtesy of Ucumari

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  1. Don’t think about this :)

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