Conflict Resolution

This is a question asked of me on the Parallel Perception Forum.

I’m curious if you would expand upon “Human attention bears the consequences physically of conflict…” ? 
This statement seems to resonate with something within me, but I haven’t a clue as to what it is.

Conflict usually has a subterranean element rotating around it that has to do with validation vs. recognition in terms of the attention sought after. Speaking of something that is circumstantially valid as it arises has embedded within it the wisdom of resolve, which reveals how to proceed, whether it is difficult or not.

True solutions are found this way. And if the true solution is not sought after, then personal agendas are put above the good of all and this will cause physiological toxicity, versus a feeling of elation and happiness, which results in healing, not only on an individual level, but globally.

Photo courtesy of Fadil Basimeleh

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  1. Lujan, while these ideas may sound good, the solution is probably beyond the reach of most of humanity. Since most personal conflict is sustained for the use of outside forces, one must be aware of the manipulation first,then and only then may one begin to resist.

  2. The reason why I posted conflict resolution is that I believe that people will understand, thus comprehending what the implications are, embedded within the words.

    One of our greatest obstacles as a humanity is that we underestimate our capacities.

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