Emptiness in Being

When a human being interacts with the world at large, the way to disappear from the world itself and from one’s self-reflection, is to be of unconditional service.

In the beginning this creates slight pangs of vulnerability by virtue of the fact that the original organized cognitional portals are being bypassed. There is an initial resistance and fear.

Then one may become clear enough to actually see that the center of oneself from the smallest point encompasses the whole. Our heart is this center.

Our heart encompasses the whole. It feels and reads the world with pinpoint precision. It is only when the original portals try to take over as an operative to decipher what is already known into categories, that draws the initiate back into validation.

Here is the dilemma:

The power of validation sometimes overwhelms the power of one’s heart.

Stay steadfast. The journey is arduous.

Photo courtesy of Stuck in Customs

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