Diversity in Creativity

What we all must find in ourselves as human beings is personal satisfaction and when you engage in your pursuit of choice, if you are personally satisfied, the feeling that you have will project out to the world and the world will look satisfied, and you will be pleased with that world because you are satisfied with the choices you have made.
If your personal power is strong you will realize that the expression of somebody else’s creativity is different, thus creating diversity. This diversity will be experienced as a joy and something to be witnessed as a delight.

Reflect on yourself and your own successes and failures. Can you find dissatisfaction in your own life? When you track back and follow yourself to your own origin you may discover yourself instead of making assumptions about somebody else.

Ultimately we all live with our fate and if we understand our own fate and the consequences other people’s assumptions have upon our fate, we would assume less and act more positively in our own lives and there is where the true joy of our existence is derived. 
Photo courtesy of Ecstaticist

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