Questions about Candle Gazing

Below is a question from a reader regarding the post about Candle Gazing Techniques. Similar techniques are examined extensively in the Heart and Third Eye Awakening Program and also this is discussed in my second book, Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation.

When I start a gazing technique often a feeling of drowziness will come over me, and my eyes will get a flickering sensation. It is as though I am about to fall a sleep and wake with a start all in one.

Should one persist through this or try at another time?
What do the sensations indicate is happening?

The sensations are clearly indicating that you are shifting from your socially propelled consciousness into the silence of your body consciousness. The drowsiness that you are feeling is a clear indication that you are shifting from a waking brainwave pattern to a deep sleep brainwave pattern. In the beginning sometimes this can be disconcerting.

If you feel like falling asleep let yourself. Make sure that your candles are strategically placed in a way that they will not cause danger when they burn down.

It is also very normal for drowsiness to occur. The eyes are shifting and as they shift they become aware of the previous burden sustained through living in a way that is in discord with the third eye process.

When your eyes begin to detect the blue your third eye will begin to awaken, thus the burden will begin to vanish.

If you can persist, rotate through your quadrants clockwise. You will find as you feel you are falling asleep, actually what is happening is that your third eye is opening up or awakening. 

Have you fully comprehended my second book? Do you have any other questions?

Photo courtesy of Alesa Dam

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1 Comment
  1. Thankyou for the lovely answer.

    I will persist now that I know it is normal. I am sure I can manage. The sensations would make me want to get the hell out of my body before I went beserk. I know that seems extreme, but that is how it feels.

    I have not comprehended fully your second book, neither many other things. I wish I could, but it is an ongoing process which will require more dedication and less procrastination from me.Further questions should arrise with the doing.

    Thankyou once again.

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