Belief Systems, Fear and Control

As a nagual I have become a teacher. I never chose to be either one. By not having a choice it has become apparent that others seek to teach and the medium in which they wish to lead others is through the medium of fear.

These teachers have read about sorcery, witchcraft and black magic and advise in comparison to what they have heard. And when they advise about what they have heard, it is steeped in the mystery that they know what they have heard and transmit this as their truth.

Yet the reflection could quite well be a reflection of something that somebody else read who proclaimed they knew by virtue of what they absorbed.

The reason that this is so very dangerous is that it is simply the blind leading the blind. It has become very clear as the years pass by my eyes, that when these type of people come to see me their fears and paranoia are simply connected to the dreams they have dreamed, by virtue of the fact that their daily world is not immersed in the power of their true decision-making capacities.

By this I mean not having regrets about their application. Being true to themselves and true to the one that is communicated to. Thus revealing their shortcomings and seeing these shortcomings as a program that became a belief system that overrides simple practicality of an everyday truth.

There was a time in the Mayan culture when the rulers would say – if you don’t sacrifice this animal or person the sun will not rise the next day. We all know this is not true but in those days it was believed to be a fact because of the power of suggestion that came from their leaders.

I leave this very complex yet simple revelation for you to ponder.

Photo courtesy of Kuzeytac

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1 Comment
  1. This morning I was in the ‘Fear not, be free’ chapter of The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception -I’ve been in that chapter for quite a while, actually- but this morning I was able to absorb it without fearing to. For some reason, I read it backward (a paragraph or two at a time), and that seemed to help. It helped because it allowed me to see more clearly how I have been jammed up with fear, how that fear has become so heavy that it makes integrating the way out seem scary, too, and how to map my way out of it.
    So I get what you have written here because if we can get this clogged with fear individually, surely the religious and institutional constructs are gunked up with the same; it is challenging enough to throw off the cloak of fear that we have created for ourselves and that influence us so profoundly (until we do), and we can see how difficult it is to get these cloaks off of established belief systems that are held together by the misconceptions of many…
    And yet it needs doing. Something to ponder, indeed!

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