Cloaked Agendas and Internal Pictorial Imagery

As far as the cloaked agenda, I would put this in a very clear categorization. When one moves in terms of their desire and this desire within itself is moved from transparency to a hidden agenda then one is transported to a fixation that is of a cloaked agenda.
To understand the cloaked agenda in terms of an internal pictorial application, see your desire as a need. Once that desire has a light upon it, it is as such; in the light.
Once the application of desire is transported into a secondary position, it becomes a shadow, or a lesser form of light; therefore creating duality in terms of transparency.
Once transparency has been transferred to agenda, it becomes fixed and rotates around the primary motive of agenda; therefore rendering the truth inoperable.
So it is advantageous in this respect to see the world of application as such visual imagery. Taking one step away from the internal dialogue
Once the internal dialogue is switched off, the imagery will apply itself in terms of application of heart. The discernment here in terms of heart resonance is obvious. Traversing imagery in this respect relies wholly and solely on transparency of communication. If there is no transparency then there is a shadow agenda within imagery.
If there is no shadow agenda within imagery then we are faced with the reality of what we are facing in the living construct, and there within lies the principal of service and the true maneuvering within that transparency.
And there the spirit lies in wait. In terms of each application of service of transparency within the truth that is the dream that we live.

Photo courtesy of deadoll

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