Sending Love to Our Japanese Brothers and Sisters

I read on line about your prediction for a UFO disclosure to happen on 3-8-11, but we never saw such an event. What happened? Do you have any additional information? I look forward to your response.


Todd, the year 2011, March 8th was, and still appears to be, generating itself as it flows through the world. The reason I didn’t mention a specific date in The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception: The Living Tapestry of Lujan Matusis because we live at the moment as human beings from an expectancy system that is propelled linearly. Behind this is a multidimensional universe that can be tipped and reorganized in comparison to that process. Thus March 8th, 2011 will be shifted to its appropriate point in time in comparison to its multidimensionality, which will not correspond to this date.

There are so many things that we are meant to focus on. The test of our humanity is now facing us. The earthquake in Japan is one of these tests and we are failing.

In Libya there are protests as well as in Saudi Arabia. Obama is attempting to reform the health care system in America and there are people in his Senate that oppose this.

At this point the opposition should stop. They should give Obama the power to do what is right towards his people. Even though there is 56% of the population that do not want this reform to occur, you can bet this percentage have their health care under control and have no problems financially in terms of acquiring health care in their hour of need and crisis.

Those who have must turn their eyes away from their possessiveness and embrace the world that does not have. Giving up themselves will lead them to realize that there is more to obtain from a perspective that cannot be submitted to paper as a calculation. It will yield the benefits only in terms of their humanity.

The protests in Saudi Arabia and Libya at this point should stop. The unlawful governments and dictatorships should also put down their control and look to the crisis that is one of the most horrific omens that we have ever received from our planet. We are a global community.

If you could imagine we were a bowl of water and we were tipped to the left, the water would flow to the left within that bowl. All the weight of our resources will combine out of our adaptability to see what is appropriate to respond to, via the fact that we are a body of water, appearing to be separate entities in singular form.

What’s within our grasp and our control, we attend to, and as we attend to this, if something more pressing appears then we attend to that. As with Hurricane Katrina, we were tested there as well. We have failed. The bureaucratic red tape is strangling still the African American minority. Watch “The Yes Men” and you will discover what I am talking about.

Most people at this point will focus on what can we do? And the answer is, act appropriately with generosity and kindness in all your circumstances, without greed or envy. Give of yourself humbly and be of service to everybody who comes into your presence.

To be unconditional at this point in time is the only answer for us as a species.

Send your love to Japan by giving your love to whom needs it most in your close vicinity. Your love, your understanding, your unconditional self. The same unconditional self that the Japanese people are now forced into, and from the corner where they have lost all of their control they are now realizing that all they have is their neighbors, their friends, their families and the strangers on the streets, while they wait quietly for a nuclear situation to present itself, simultaneously dealing with the present circumstances of a natural catastrophe that has already taken everything from them.

If we as a humanity can learn to be as unconditional as the Japanese are at this point in time, we will understand their predicament and mend the outrageous machinations that permeate our present world at this moment in time.

This is what a higher, more evolved race of beings would be watching and waiting for us to perform and this is the only way I can answer your question, Todd. There is not as yet enough collective weight tipping the scales, moving our collective attention towards the appropriate actions to elevate our species beyond the dilemma it is currently caught in.

So give your love to the one that is closest to you so as to understand what besets our brothers and sisters in Japan at the moment so that your heart may open and see that we are truly being tested. It is time to wake up.

Photo courtesy of Sushicam

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  1. Thank you Lujan. I read your post again and again with tears in my eyes. I directly, deeply felt your uncondinal love for sure. This beautiful pics of cherry blossom tells everything. I was encouraged. Thank you so much.

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