The Devotion of the Japanese People

I received emails from two of my Japanese friends this week. The first was from Toshihiko Sato informing me that he wouldn’t be coming to see me the week after next because of the crisis in Japan and that he wanted to be with his loved ones.

I rejoiced in his ability to be fully living while facing such a dire crisis and will see him in the near future. If he wishes he can communicate our email exchange to open up to the world what he and his brothers and sisters are going through. Even though it is an unbelievable tragedy, what is happening is faith and love expansion towards one another.

This morning I received another email from my dear friend Genki Sudo. He said that Japan is going to be ok and I was very happy to hear from him. I was concerned for his safety as well. He directed me to go to youtube and check out his new video and I laughed with delight watching his choreographic robotic moves.

The security guard in the airport moving out of the way of the camera was so funny. Instead of inquiring what the camera was doing there he immediately got out of the way in respect. The Japanese are so beautiful.

Anyway I will leave you with Genki’s video and hold onto your chairs. In the next music video clip that he produces there will be a movement that I taught him called the hurricane fist. I cannot wait to see what he does with this.

Lots of love to you Genki Sudo and Toshihiko Sato.

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  1. Thank you for this, there has also been an earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand recently and I found it personally very inspiring seeing the warmth and love that came from this tragedy, and in spite of the attempts of the media to put words in the mouths of those directly affected, that the humanity shone through. I was especially moved by the mayor Bob Parker’s words, being hounded by the media calling for blood, obsessed with the death toll, who maintained his humanity in the face of this. good on you my friend, and god bless.

  2. Thank you for taking up a topic of big warthquake in Japan again. I’m a Genki’s fan as well. So I watched his new video just now.
    Too cool! I couldn’t be happier.
    A laugh and humor are the most firm fortress which never pass even radioactivity through.

  3. You watch something like this and you just can’t not feel hopeful.

  4. devotion – love – thanks for sharing video GREAT!! brought a feeling of freedom & many smiles :)

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