Dream Stalking and Synchronicity

The inner intentions of the student or disciple press upon the eyes of a seer to open the door that is the memory to that stored information that is deposited by a dream stalker and that only can be accessed if the right intentions push upon that insoluble vastness that has been imprinted by a dream master.

It has been put there by this dream master to indicate to the newly initiated light stalker that an initiate has arrived because of the abundant unfathomable information flowing towards that individual.

The contradiction that what is being spoken of by the teacher is that they are just as shocked to hear what they speak and to know that information that they speak is a reservoir of permanent knowing that increases the ability of the teacher to move on their path and also to enable the student to discover theirs.

This information is more deeply elaborated in Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation.

Nevertheless the terminology denoted as stalking, which has been inherited from the descriptions of Juan Matus to Carlos Castaneda, are not only grossly inadequate in terms of that syntax, they mislead and trap individuals in the idea that they have the power to track the inconceivable, where in actuality it is the inconceivable itself that hunts the awareness of the seer to become alerted to the multidimensional synchronicities that are the realities that a warrior must contend with on their journey of awakening.

I will endeavor, in the future, to slowly dismantle what has been passed down, to not only the shamans of my lineage, but to awaken those who have affixed themselves to the requirement of expectancy systems that are laid out within this very elusive repertoire that bombards the consciousness of the initiate so as to challenge them to see the labyrinth that becomes the maze the must escape from.

This was the task of Carlos Castaneda; to enlighten and simultaneously entrap, giving glimpses into each paradigm so that the initiate can eventually disentangle all forms of attention so as to be delivered to the most sought after detachment that can be acquired by a living human being.

Photo courtesy of Marko K

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