The Appearance of the Double

The double is not what you expect. It is like sitting in a room with another person. The environment is exactly the same. But it is not a duplicated reality. It is just that you become so filled with the power of the double when it communicates with you that everything is infused with the overwhelming saturation of that particular attention.

When people go into dreaming, they are duplicating something in the second attention. But that something is not the double. It is a second attention creation.

I have gifts from the old nagual. The jaguar especially can manifest in our waking world, the same as the double, and eagle and dragon are protective talismans that ward of second attention interference. Nevertheless, they have been seen hovering around my body when I do Dragon’s Tears in front of my students. So in essence the second attention fixation can manifest in the first attention; our waking world.

Obviously this is under the influence of deep dreaming brainwave patterns while one is awake. But I will say again, that the double is something else. It is not a second attention fixation. It is of itself very separate to us, until it merges.

Endeavoring to forge a copy of the physical body in dreaming is a dead end because of the second attention ability to absorb our third eye capacity in labyrinths of never-ending loops that the dreamer becomes convinced is their power to stalk in this attention. It is a maneuver that trapped the previous seers and it was not Juan Matus’ predilection to enter into this labyrinth because he knew it was a dead end. The old nagual Lujan was the same.

The Tenant had a particular talent that was mistaken by Castaneda as maneuvering within the second attention. The Tenant knew of Castaneda’s indulgences in the second attention and gifted him the ability to be within worlds beyond anything we could imagine but it was to no avail.

As you know, everybody that has followed Castaneda has been trapped, believing that his path was the be all and end all of the warrior’s path. His task has been elucidated in other threads in the Castaneda Forum. His ability to put forth concepts that were didactic devices in cooperation with Juan Matus was superb.

But even these devices, warriors are having difficulty fathoming the abstract cores via the fact that the second attention fixation has removed them from the innate power of their heart; true warriorhood.

This world shifts on a very unique stable access that reveals wisdom so that the seer may progress harmoniously on a path with heart in the world they were born in, thus harmonizing their being with their true destiny; a life on this planet.

When the double truly appears two very clear phenomena present themselves. Power and wisdom intertwine as the seer journeys to their inevitability.

Second Attention Discussion

Photo courtesy of Mara Earth Light

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