Glimpsing the Unknown

Written by Lyra, a member of the Parallel Perception Forum:

Last year when the nagual was traveling through South Africa I had two dream with him. In one of these dreams, I watched from a disembodied third perspective while Lujan and I stood next to each other watching another me walk into a fog. Upon my return, nagual turned to the me standing next to him and said “You dream too deep to remember your dreams.”

His assistance to me at that time was just pointing out the facts to ease my anxiety of why I was not dreaming the way people describe lucid dreams and whether I was doing something wrong or incomplete. I was content with this answer and just trusted that whatever this was caused by would be resolved through practicing the things we speak of here in the forum. I didn’t describe the dream in detail to anyone including Lujan because I knew the unraveling was not complete at the time, and there wasn’t anything he could have told me then that I was ready to comprehend.

Over a week ago while I was about to lay my head on my pillow, a realization came crashing into my awareness, that there had to have been 4 of me for that dream to occur the way it did. I was already familiar with remembering past events and occasionally dreaming through a third perspective, and at the time too caught up in the question of “is there something wrong with the way I dream?” that I simply overlooked the 4th “me” walking into the fog, or the “me” in bed dreaming. So days later I asked about the 4th perspective here in the forum as you all know.

By this time I had started to vaguely gather some understanding of what this might be… and also somehow knew that these awakenings were being brought to the forefront via having been practicing body awareness. Everything I had been doing in the past months were leading into this, whether it was practicing the Three Jewels meditation upon awakening, sensing into crystals, or keeping my awareness on the sensations upon my chest.

Looking back, I realize one other turning point around the time of this realization is, having made the bridge of daily bodily awareness into a dream when I woke myself up from one because I tangibly felt and saw energy emanating from my chest and decided to stop the leakage.

During our skype session with Lujan I asked him to talk about the 4th perspective again, and he gave an explanation that I could not hear through the headphones and also did not understand. After a good chuckle about my flat out “no” to his “do you understand?”, he started describing to me in a language I do understand, and here is what he described:

Imagine you are in front of a pond that is frozen and the ice is so thin it could crack if you were to step on it. So the only way to travel across it would be to drift across…

By then, in my third eye perception, I was standing behind a pair of eyes looking out at a crisp winter pond covered by a translucent ice. The ice was so thin it could crack and melt if you breathed over it. And with Lujan’s voice in my ears we drifted across the pond. My third eye was transfixed in this image, and there was a buzzing occurring an inch off my whole torso. I knew right then we were both standing behind the same pair of eyes looking out at the pond, and both buzzing in communal conductivity.

The third eye is what sees, and the fourth perspective is what travels into an awareness and returns as sensations full of information. Lujan also said, relating it with the crucifix story, that when one speaks they speak the heart of another. When one is of service to others and empty of self, then what they see (third eye visuals / fourth perspective sensations) and speak (vocalizing their seeing through the energy availed by the unencumbered heart) will be the hearts and minds of men.

Photo courtesy of Stuck in Customs

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  1. Beautiful, Lyra. This is written with such clarity <3

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