Dreaming and Walking

The following post was written by Sugrue .

Lujan’s walking technique has shown itself to be so much fun and very valuable. It leaves the physical body calm and ready.

Yesterday, I didn’t have time to walk early in the a.m., so I did it in the afternoon, anyway. Completely forgot about it by the time I went to bed, but had a wonderful dream as a result, just like the other times I’ve done the walking technique.

Dreamed of riding along a highway next to a calm ocean, in a convertible car. Suddenly, Lujan appears in the car, says something to me while standing up in the car that is moving at highway speed. An understanding is made, and Lujan does a little prep with his body, then dives straight from the moving vehicle into the ocean! We’re all fascinated, and I ask if anyone saw that he turned into three bright balls of light, one on top of the other, just before he dove.

(For anyone interested: I would “interpret” this dream (for the reason part of us) as being in the energy body — which always feels like movement — as represented by the car. Digging into one’s self and letting it be revealed — per this forum, and elsewhere as a result — has turned my dream car into a convertible. The nagual visits from the void, represented by the ocean.)

The dream went on, as dreams do. when I awoke, I tried to recall what I had done differently the day before that would produce a strong dream of this kind without the aid of the full moon. Then I recalled the walking technique.

Have fun DO-ing!

Photo courtesy of Paul (Dex)

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