The Jaguar Series with Lujan Matus: Two-Week Program Now Available

Due to popular demand the Jaguar Series will now be offered as a two-week program in Costa Rica.

This is a shamanic movement series that opens up the energy channels of the body to initiate spontaneous movements that are governed by formlessness, yet fluidly adapt in correspondence to the energy that arises, into the form that is necessary in that moment.

It is a sequence of explosive and graceful movements that utilizes Dragon’s Tears as a base foundation and reveals secrets of the ancient Chinese shamans and their close quarter hand combat techniques. The Jaguar Series enlivens gravitational forces on the left and right sides of the body and triggers an awakening of dreaming awareness.

When the shaman initiate is disciplined in the practice of this series they will experience increased lucidity, allowing access to areas of perception that were previously not accessible.

The prerequisites for the Jaguar Series are Dragon’s Tears and The Three Treasures. Tuition will be available in Costa Rica from September 2011 until January 2012.

Click here to register for shamanic tuition programs with the nagual Lujan Matus.

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