A Wonderful Journey

Here is an email received from a dear friend and student, which he has given permission to share with the readers of this blog:

Hi Lujan,

I am writing to share with you a few of my experiences, it’s been a wonderful journey for me lately. I want to say a big thanks for the impact that meeting you had on me, the implications of which are continuously unfolding.

While I was meditating, I found myself in a small house in the desert. Inside there was a warm yellow-orange light, outside it was dark blue. I was sitting outside gazing at the clouds. A man came the house, he was tall with a big hat and Mexican sandals. His eyes were sparkling yellow,
and he had a grin on, his face was powerful.

He took me flying in the air, we found ourselves on floating pieces of land. With his index finger he touched my forehead, my head was hurled back and I saw a mosaic of colors. We flew over mountains, and landed in the middle of the desert at noon. I was burning from the heat. I focused on a cactus and I could see the needles and some tiny drops of water.

It is so cool, on another instance I drifted away while I was having dinner. I saw two pine trees standing like two columns with a thin golden-yellow film between them. I stepped in and I was inside the trunk and inside the pine tar. I was seeing complexes of lines of the pine tar geometry moving and passing by.

Hope to come and see you again soon. Hope that you and Mizpah are well.

Lots and lots of love,

Photo courtesy of Wink.

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