Falling Stars and Extra-Terrestrial Influences

The following is an email written by one of Lujan’s students:

I gaze almost every night. Every 2-3 nights in a row I see one even two perfect round white luminous orbs suddenly appearing in the clear sky, moving straight for a couple of seconds, then fading away completely. They’re really beautiful. I get a good sense from them. Just now I posted something on the Parallel Perception Forum, then went to my balcony with a cup of tea really happy about my gazing, sat down, looked for my star, when I saw a moving orb again. This is when I decided to write to you about it. It happened several times that I would go outside, exactly before one of them would appear.

There was one particular instance after returning from Germany, when this happened and when I woke up the next day, I had a glimpse, a memory of a very strange texture that I perceived as part of their ship. I could not remember anything beyond that, only small fractions but the memory of looking at a surface with strange hieroglyphs and markings stood out.

This is so fascinating. I never looked for these kind of experiences yet I giggle at the thought of witnessing magic before my eyes every two nights or so.


As we progress on our path as light warriors, the frequency of orbs will noticeably increase. What I would like you to take notice of is that there is another very strong phenomena now occurring with the electromagnetic changes in the planet, and this is that, not only orbs, but the light of energy from falling stars will collide with the hands of the practitioner of Dragon’s Tears.

Remember that we are dimensionalized and the frequency of this phenomena is the same as seeing energy directly. It is always seen a moment after it occurs and the time and space it occupies coexists with the amount of chi that we are collecting at the time.

Warmest regards,


Photo courtesy of Nora Kann Fiegan

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1 Comment
  1. This is really interesting. I have been seeing a lot of falling stars at night lately and while I practice my Dragon’s Tears, I would see blurry luminous dots with my eyes closed. When I would open my eyes, I would occasionally see something like a spark with the corner of my eye, very clear and bright.

    Thank you so much for everything. I know you are very busy and I really appreciate your words.

    Lots of love,

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