Whispering Palms: The Ancient Art of Stalking

Photo courtesy of Mara Earth Light

Whispering Palms is a silk reeling system. It employs movements that belong to the dragon.

This circular walking system compresses the essential essence of energy or chi into a compact flower bud. Once this flower bud is compressed the inward walking circle then expands itself.

Photo courtesy of Will MontagueAs you can see in the picture, one walks in a clockwise or anticlockwise circle that focuses inwardly and then creates the density of the bud, energetically through the hands.

This system is older than Genghis Khan. The power of compression and release is a vital secret that enhances and enlarges the energy bubble by displacing the central bud externally through the coiling shadowless elbow that then spins in the opposite direction, to walk in a larger circle that focuses inwardly.

This enhances the practitioner’s ability to displace their energy field, thus enlarging it through this displacement.

As you can see by the second spiraling picture here, as one coils outwardly with their steps, looking back to the center they coil outwards until the outer perimeter is reached. The practitioner can then reel a smaller circle, creating petals, with opposing velocity that is energetically recognized.

The unknown becomes available and reveals itself as a heavy density that speaks to the hands as they whisper their intentions to eternity through these movements.

A gesture that is highly prevalent in Dragon’s Tears will be taught in this program. This gesture is ancient, involving the index finger, ring finger and thumb, creating a signal that has been given to the warrior as an indicator that identifies this ancient movement to the ones who imparted it.

Here is a video that will give an idea of the velocity of coiling and reeling. Demonstrated in this video you will see star-like appearances in the coil. This is a frequent occurrence in the Dragon system; that stars appear as silver flakes, rushing to the hands of the practitioner as they practice.

We are made of starlight and all that is in the universe requires us to only discover that which is already obvious.

Whispering Palms can be performed after the Quetzalcoatl Series and Earth Energy Tapping.

A very simple, yet complex two-man set will be taught with this series, so that one may utilize inside redirecting and external directing palm to shadowless elbow, thereby increasing both practitioner’s utilizing of the central matrix that is the combined essence of each practitioner’s chi, to expand and utilize the coiling motion as a synchronous unifying event.

Many would ask – what this this got to do with stalking? If you redirect your focus on the first picture of the monk with an expanded energy field, it is known in sorcery circles that a normal human bubble reaches 30-35 feet.

A seer’s energy bubble reaches 60-100 feet in diameter. When the energy bubble is increased to such a distance, the awareness of the seer becomes all-encompassing; never stalking anything purposely, yet knowing of what is stalking the seer.

Gently aware. Humbly holding back. Gently proceeding without calculation, guarded by the ethereal tentacles of their destiny.

More will be explained when this program is taught.

5 Day Program – $2000

Special until the end of September – Enrol in Whispering Palms and receive the Quetzalcoatl Series at no additional charge.

Click here to register for private shamanic tuition in Whispering Palms with the nagual Lujan Matus.

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