Plum Blossom: Kung Fu Movements

The Plum Blossom uses the principles of the Ba gua walking and shifting, utilizing the unicorn and small twisting yang stance for rotations, returning to horse stance, then applying coiling straight line techniques unique to the Dragon system.

This method is my inheritance; a specific set that is extremely energetic, teaching the practitioner to draw the coiling energy from the ground and environment to the forearms and palms.

This set initiates the Kung Fu series called “Shadow Fist”, or traditionally known as “Black Fist”. The reason for this mysterious name is that the shadowless elbow and the slapping hands are so fast that the training partner will experience conscious black out and the only way to cope with this is to have the kinesthetic memory that causes the reactivity to harmonize with the onslaught, thereby protecting oneself.

The practitioner will learn to absorb the centralized energy and turn to face and walk in eight specific locations on the outside of the Ba gua circle, utilizing this energy, thus infusing the hand postures, which face outwardly. with power.

This will generate the potential necessary for one’s personal power to be full and complete at each gateway that the warrior faces outward, demonstrating the gestures that are the guard-like postures that protect the center.

The wooden dummy will be taught at this stage so as to give the practitioner the ability to harness the power required for these devastatingly straight line techniques that have embedded within the coiling of the dragon.

The practitioner will be using the Wing Chun wooden dummy, but it is not Wing Chun techniques that will be taught. Here is where I will teach pushing hands, coiling sticking hands, rolling sticking hands and various two-man sets.

This program is only available to approved students.

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