Genki Sudo 2012: Expression of the Dragon

Here is a video that my student and little brother, Genki Sudo, has created.

Recently I taught Genki Dragon’s Tears. We are also writing a book about his experiences while he was with me, which will be published in Japanese and English.

When I taught Genki the Dragon’s Tears, I said to him, “don’t publicly disclose the information. They have magic embedded in them. They are sorceric by nature. This will affect you and conversely subdue their mystery within the social edifice that is a perpetual identification that narrows their magic and your power into a social expectation.”

Genki has been very industrious. At the very end of this video, during the last thirty seconds, you will see that he displays some movements but has fragmented them to break their continuity so as not to reveal this precious secret that I have given to him.

You can witness the movements of the dragon as you look down the narrow pathway where it is demonstrated. The coiling figure eight movement he does with his right hand arrived in Tibet from the Altai mountains – the origin of shamanism – hundreds of years ago and these redirecting inside hands that independently move towards his lower cauldron.

The sweeping hands that fly over his head are not an exact portrayal. It is going towards the crown instead of the throat chakra they are meant to arrive at.

He finishes on the mirror guarding mudras, which is the beginning and the end of many sequences from the dragon. It is very beautiful.

I hope you enjoy my little brother’s demonstrations and how his movements have been influenced to mimic the presence of the dragon within the portrayal of human existence as expression.

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