Integrity, Freedom and the Heart Warrior’s Path

Here is another applicant for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program submitted by Luma Chichiwa. If you would like to vote for Luma please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

After wavering here and there I have looked deep into my heart so here is my application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship program. The Nagual Lujan’s teachings have affected me deeply in a short period of time. The effects are multi-layered, silent, powerful, gentle and profound. His teachings continue to unfold so that when one concept is revisited it awakens many doors of perception in different ways.

My first encounter with Lujan’s work was when my husband used to read to me excerpts from “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception”. I couldn’t understand a word of it then, and it sounded like convoluted philosophical discourse. I had always been wary of shamanic and spiritual teachings as some felt like a trap. My strange life experiences had lead on a search with many frustrating dead ends and I was suspicious of everything. One day I had an urge that I couldn’t resist and I dipped my toes into the Parallel Perception Shamanic Forum. I felt like I had found home, and though I hoped this would be different, I was partly resigned for more possible dead ends.

The change was so fast and strong I was shocked. As soon as I began interacting with the forum and began reading the “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception” my body went on a cleanse by drinking green smoothies and eating vegan food for 2 weeks. I say ‘my body’ did because I handed over control to a part of myself that had always been there but I had very little awareness of.

During that first week I read “ The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception” in three days. I could understand only parts of it but it was like a song that reverberated in deeper parts of myself as I absorbed it rather than read it. I have read it many times since, aware that it is not a linear story but encoded multi-layered awakenings. Each time I read it or go back to parts the passages open my awareness to a new level, opening a memory and recognising something that had not made sense before. This in itself serves to break the continuity of my 1st attention. The magic of the Nagual Lujan is transmitted through his words.

In tandem to all this I began reading ‘Awakening the Third Eye’ and using the gazing techniques. The cracks began to appear everywhere around me as my 1st and 2nd attentions blended into the 3rd attention. All my life I had seen and heard things beyond what the average person would: shadow beings, nature beings and visions. I never understood what it was all for. Sometimes it truly disturbed me, and for a long time I shut it all out. The gazing practices cracked my shell of insecurity and I could no longer hide. One night after a vision received during gazing I cried and cried. This world, people, had never made sense to me and floodgates of feelings were set free. I could see all the darkness but also perceive the magic within the world and the many layers of awareness that could be experienced but personal power felt out of reach. The gazing techniques have given me an honest platform to observe myself and heal by identifying the social imprints I carry and to let them go. I heal one bit at a time without judgement, and find my love for the world again while rebuilding my personal power.

Then I began studying “The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake“.’ When I spoke to Lujan I understood the true integrity of the human heart, and I could feel it from half way around the world in his voice. The Nagual Lujan embodies integrity with an open heart. Whenever we spoke, while learning the techniques, he would pick up any discordance in my voice and bring me up on whatever was hiding. As I practise the techniques more cracks open to help me dismantle my entrapment. The techniques intensify third eye function and multilateral awareness by awakening body and heart awareness. I go back to The Eight Gates to process, recharge and heal. They are part of my life now.

So why apply for the scholarship? There is so much more for me to learn and release. I’d like to serve in life with the kind of integrity Lujan has shown me and the course sounds amazing. The Nagual Lujan’s work has given me tools to find my freedom and opened my heart to this world. I would treasure the opportunity to work with him in person and learn more about the Heart Warrior’s Path.

Luma Chichiwa.

If you would like to vote for Luma please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Photo courtesy of Chaval Brasil

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  1. Lumalicious we are so glad you are (t)here in the forum with us. I do hope both you and husband get to visit Lujan and directly receive his transmissions from him very soon. Lots of love -lyra

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Lujan ! the best of luck Luma. peace and love.


  3. I don’t know why but your surname “Chichiwa” rings inside of me like a bell.
    You are one of the most fast-adapting
    members at Parallel Perception I’ve met so far.


  4. Luma, glad to have you on the forum and for the beautiful essay, your genuine interest in Lujan’s teachings and for your participation on the PP forum, I vote for you. Good luck and lots of love!

  5. I vote for you and your Warrior Spirit


  6. Your testimony honors the very notion of apprenticeship.

  7. your account leaves me breathless

  8. I know you will not let a split second of chance pass you by. Many blessings to you, Luma

  9. lumanate i vote for you. your pure heart shines in all you have written with us. many blessings & what an adventure. activate lumanate! love love love, phe.

  10. One VOTE for Luma

  11. Beautiful Luma. I love to read the words you share. Your wisdom goes straight to the heart. Much love and harmony

  12. Beautiful Luma. We love the wisdom you share on the forum. Your words go straight to the heart. Much love and harmony.

  13. Thanks for sharing, good luck!

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