Thankful to Lujan for the Book and Knowledge

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Angela Vasquez. If you would like to vote for Angela please leave a comment at the end of this blog post

My name is Angela and I came across The Art of Parallel Perception at a time when I was questioning everything that has happened in my life, around 2-1/2 years ago. All my life I have felt that everything around me was a lie. When I found the book and Lujan Matus it was a difficult time because I felt like everything I did was futile.

At that point I made the conscious choice to look for a book about stalking or something in that direction. I found this book on Amazon and it literally moved something in my awareness. I ordered it the book immediately. While waiting for the book to come I had a dreaming attention that struck me as strange at the time. I was walking in the jungle on a path that was leading into the mountains. I recall the greenery everywhere, the smells, the sounds of the animals even the humidity in the air and on my skin. In this dream I was a man and knew that my destination was at the end of that stone road.

As I got further into the mountains I felt something watching me with a very strong and steady gaze. It was looking through me and I knew that I was transparent and nothing was kept from this being that I could not see, it was intimidating and that made me nervous. Walking there was a tension in the airthen the rain started and the mist started to roll in. Visibility was limited and so I stopped. I waited for my eyesight to adjust andwhen it did there was a white tiger on the road. It stared at me and was pacing back and forth. It was not the same being that was watching me because I was still being watched.

>This tigerwatched me and as it paced I could feel something within me stir and a uncomfortable feeling of anxiety came over me. It started to crouch and I knew it was going to pounce so I turned and ran back on the road that I came from. This big cat was at my heels the whole time and I knew that it was not going to kill me; it was protecting something. At the end of the path I could see a door that was the way back.

As I sped up my pace the tiger’sclaw caught my leg and I tumbled to the ground and in an instant the animal was on top of me and we were both tumbling on the pathway towards the door but it was not the white tiger. It was a jaguar, the one that was watching me and it had its left paw over my heart center and it spoke telepathically to me, “Not yet, you are not ready – soon.” It released me and I fell through the doorway and then I awoke.

A few days later I received the book and my life has been different ever since. Since reading the book many times I discovered how selfish I have been and how much my decisions were based off fear that was holding me in old self destructive patterns. How I used my sexual attention towards others and how much of the shadows mind was what I thought was my mind.

>Since the first reading of the book I have worked hard to change the things about myself that were not me in the first place. I am thankful to Lujan for the book and knowledge he has provided for me to find. It has made me realize that I have A LOT of work to do within and it has also impacted my family life. As the mother of 2 boys I feel a responsibility to humanity to teach them what I have learned to break patterns before they are set. To teach them to be free and to be their true selves instead of what this poisonous societal construct tells them they should be. I now understand what the dreaming attention meant. Hopefully I am ready to make the journey.

All Knowing

Those who don’t feel this Lovepulling them like a river,those who don’t drink dawnlike a cup of spring wateror take in sunset like supper,those who don’t want to change,Let them sleep.

This Love is beyond the study of theology,that old trickery and hypocrisy.If you want to improve your mind that way.

Sleep on.

I’ve given up on my brain.I’ve torn the cloth to shredsand thrown it away.
If you’re not completely naked,wrap your beautiful robe of wordsaround you,

And sleep.

Angela Vasquez

If you would like to vote for Angela please leave a comment at the end of this blog post

Photo courtesy of Tambako the Jaguar

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  1. Much love to you on your path, Angela….

  2. This is beautiful and sad at the same time. However there is a depth in your words that makes your letter amazing. Good luck,

  3. You’re a beautiful writer. Your children are blessed on that account for sure. We all are.

  4. angela, beautiful! the mark of the jaguar leads me to vote for you. good luck

  5. a VOTE for Angela.
    One for the scholarship and one for LIFE.

  6. Once again thank you Lujan Matus for yet another opportunity to be able to learn from you. All of my life I have been a dreamer. When I was a child I believed that I could fly because in my dreaming attention it was possible. It came so natural during dreaming attention that I believed that I could fly when I was in the first attention also. I would get so frustrated because in this “world” I was so heavy. Day after day while playing in the backyard with my brother I would make attempt after attempt to fly. Jumping off the tree limbs, or out of the seat of a moving swing, running as fast as I could, thinking if I just went faster I’ll take off like a jumbo jet does. Once I recall there was one time as a child of 7 or 8 when I was running, trying to gain the speed that I needed to jump and fly, that my feet came off the ground for just a few feet longer than normal! My heart raced and I was exhilarated because I knew it was possible!!! Excited and in awe I told my mother, who down played it like most parents do. Her lack of reaction to my amazing feat hurt because I trusted that she would believe me. After that I kept these secrets to myself because exposing them before only brought me pain and anger because my innocent words were dismissed by the numbness of this physical world bestowed on my parents and family members. During the years of my life my dreaming attention has always been alert and strong. Many a battle have been fought and won during and outside of dreaming attention, traveling to distant but familiar and beautiful places has brought me strength and knowing, and that memory recall has carried me through difficult times in my journey. Unknowing, I have always practiced lucid dreaming. It started when I was a child and has continued up to this day. Wanting to obtain a better understanding has prompted me to research lucid dreaming. I have tried some of the techniques that are offered and some have been beneficial and other has not. However my will to learn more about this awakened state and to cultivate it at will during entry to this reality is something that is of the upmost importance to me. Cleaning up my diet and consuming a raw vegan diet has benefited this attention considerably. These opportunities have come at a most exciting time in my life (and many, many others) because I can feel the energy surging through me waiting to be transformed into something wonderful! Good fortune to all the participants and gratitude and thanks to you Lujan.

    Peace be with you,


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