Beginning to see the stars again

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Lawrence Stormonth. If you would like to vote for Lawrence please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Not so long ago I was chained by hundreds of ideas of what the world
should be, the inner dialogue ran rampant, hurting and bearing on
everything inside of me. My first true journey to power happened when
I finished high school and I found myself drawn to Japan, the first
night I arrived I heard a voice as if behind me, it said only one
word, a word that has already had profound ramification on my life,
Bushi, the Japanese word for warrior.

I would not hear the voice again until many years later, when I had
taken up Thelemic philosophy, which if some of you don’t know much
about it, it is much the same as what Don Juan would have referred to
as shouting the birds of death back, It allowed me to tap into my
anger and demand to hear the voice again, asking it what it was.

The answers i received where at the beings own meandering pace, It
would not cave to my meager power, but it promised many things that
would send me reaching in circles for the next two years.

It was then that I found a book that helped me to understand, a book
that gave me hope, The teachings of Don Jaun. This stage was before I
had begun my recapitulation and made no correlation between the
warriors of that world and the warrior that I was understood as by
that being.

This revelation alone was not enough to curb the state that my life
was going into though and it wasn’t until I had my car stolen, lost my
house, lost my job and was living in a garage bloating my sorrow with
alcohol that I found parallel perception and mustered up the energy to
ask a core burning question, which was supported but in a matter of
words dismissed immediately.

My recapitulation has revealed how masterful the members involved
responses where and at the time it and how much those few words helped
me understand made their core advise stand out, get a hold of the
books written by Lujan Matus.

I have now managed to salvage my life thanks to this book, The art of
stalking Parallel Perception, I live in a unit, have kicked drugs and
I’m beginning to see the stars again.

What these books mean to me, is that in where I was chained now I’m free.

Lawrence Stormonth

If you would like to vote for Lawrence please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

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  1. Reading about your dark periods I found myself in your essay, Lawrence.


  2. Very uplifting tale. I’m glad you found yourself again, and the stars.

    Many blessings,


  3. Good luck Bushi.

  4. Hope that stars continue to light your way Lawrence. Good luck!

  5. You sound like a warrior who’s ready to turn his attention to a worthy battle. The world’s definitely waiting for you.

  6. Good luck Lawrence,

    your have great strength inside you.

    The stars never forget.

  7. Good luck Lawrencesan. May the stars always shine brightly in your heart.

  8. I’d like to thank everyone for their comments and also express interest in the Eight Gates of Dreaming awake. I am very excited for the opportunity.

    The reason I am especially excited for the opportunity to do this program is that I wish to see more of the world and my sole waking intent lies in disengaging the internal dialogue.

    I have had experiences with deja vu in the past and still wonder about the type of seeing that they offer.

    For the last year I have tried to control my dreaming and engage lucid dreaming to low success and I believe that this practice will help me immensely in that regard. I am still young, but eager to learn and have trusted my body in regards to the processes of domestication put upon me and thus my mind is open.

    I feel that many answers lie in dreaming and I will consider taking this course regardless of if I am chosen.

    I’d like to thank Lujan for this chance for a chance to engage in this process, but moreover the chance to speak directly to him about my interest in the areas of his knowledge and thank him for his unbending intent in regards to his creation of a helpful and intelligent community over at the parallel perception forums.

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