Dreaming Beyond This Reality

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Mariel Martin Trejo. If you would like to vote for Mariel please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Before anything i want to thanks Lujan for this opportunity he offers to us. I would like to write in my essay about how the Lujan’s teachings and concepts start making me change the way i act in the world and how i knew about the forum.

One of the first things that shocked me were the information pertinent to the hyerogliphs, there i saw how the preoccupation is one of the first things that keep us cloaked, therefore without evolution, and the preoccupation in me comes from different corners, i.e. from wasting my time doing activities that only make me waste my energy and the precious gift that life is, preocuppation comes from not eating healthy, from not doing exercise, things that of course will make me feel more happy and healthy and will prevent disease, well this suppose to not make me feel guilty but after some months fat start to appear and the preoccupation also.

Another concept i want to mention it is the asexual stance, here in my country, the TV and the culture in general makes a lot of emphasis in the sex, all my friends included me, our approach to the other genre it is always marked to try to take the person to the bed, so with this concept Lujan teach us a different approach, one with more deep respect to our friends and everybody in general, when i explain this to some friends they say to me ‘why? You are Young you better become a priest!’, they don’t understand that we need to respect them as if they be our parents or teachers and we need also to control ourselves and thoughts. It is not a easy task but it is worthy in all senses. There are a lot more insights for me in TAOSPP book but i only mention this.

In the 3rd eye book Lujan go beyond this in helping us when he teach us the mirror technique, he tell us to listen and be of service to the person in front of us, this will take us away from the self-obssesive-way-of-be, this technique looks simple really but i don’t have any friend that do that, everybody wants to put something of themselves, if don’t be the center of the talk. So this teaching it is beautiful because makes us learn to listen and be more gentle with our fellows.

The way i knew about the fórum was for me kind of magical. The first time i was Reading TAOSPP i was also exploring the web, and i left a comment in one shamanic youtube video, and the next day i saw i have a new friend because of the comment i left and when i saw his profile i found that he is a Lujan’s student and i thought wow i am Reading now this book and by exploring the web i found a student of Lujan, he told me what he was practicing in movements and meditation and i thought ‘ i want to do this practices too’, next thing he did he introduced me to the Parallel Perception Forum a place where Lujan itself has helping me with his posts and a place where Lujan give me some of his time trough a Skype encounter and a place where i knew about the Raw food wich has helping me a lot in my eating habits.

I want to finish by saying why i am in this application, it is because I would like to experiment the Completion Hyerogliph, i want the one in my dreams comes here in this reality and the one here go beyond its confines, beyond this reality.

Mariel Martin Trejo

If you would like to vote for Mariel please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Photo courtesy of NB Peterson

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  1. I feel you will greatly benefit from meeting Lujan in person Mariel, and his role as a nagual will truly give you the initial force you have been looking for to sustain your path. Good luck and lots of love :)

  2. Hey Mariel,

    it’s nice to learn more about you here.I liked you from your first post on.Like a soft breeze….

  3. Mariel you’v always known what is that you have to do, you are very knowledgeable, about the Toltec path, how ever i know this is very exiting for you. In addition i want to say, that you are one of the most clean hearted person i’v ever known ,i know you will do great if you get what you want,i’v witness how disciplined you can be ,and have no doubt that you will benefit from this big time .,post this comment to ensure my vote for you… good luck my friend

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. thanks for sharing Mariel. I like how you deliberately show your efforts to share the information with those around you and their responses in your essay … being respectful towards others man or woman, in a society in which only few things are really emphasized ….like the one your describe, can be very hard and I can relate. but it truly brings life into a whole new perspective.

    once again thanks for sharing,You have my vote, the best of luck!


  6. Nice essay, I liked it a lot, good luck Mariel…

  7. Mariel,

    I enjoy your being, and see you have a very sincere desire to learn from Lujan.

    Wishing you all the best,

  8. I like this very much. Good Luck, Mariel.

  9. “I would like to experiment the Completion Hyerogliph”

    Good luck Mariel,

    gentle and noble, truthful and sincere.

  10. Mariel You got my Vote!!
    I wish you can live this expeirence!!

  11. Your final comment on the Completion Hieroglyph says it all: you aim is perfect.

  12. mariel i vote for you & believe the boost you will receive from Lujan & earth tapping would not only tune your focus like a laser but become a gift you could radiate to your community. good luck!

  13. aqui esta mariel, lo prometido es deuda, espero te sirve mi voto

  14. Gracias por compartir la info.. ya tienes mi voto.. Todo es resultado de una serie de consecuencias.. Suerte.

  15. mariel….mente fuerza y corazon!!!

  16. muy chido mariel buena vibra vary !!

  17. Mariel tienes mi voto! Suerte!

  18. Mariel, your light, buoyant expression is uplifting. Best of luck!

  19. Estamos contigo Mariel!!

    Toda buena acción, es correspondida por una reacción positiva, adelante!!!

  20. Otro voto mas Mariel suerte

  21. Excellent essay Mariel… Congrats!

  22. Mi voto Mariel

  23. Thanks Mariel for share it with us, you have my vote! good luck!

  24. mi vote for you Mariel

  25. mi voto Mariel

  26. Great Research! I preciate my friend the quest for inlightment in your life..keep it coming cuz you’re in the right track :D

  27. :D para qe no digas qe no!!

  28. mi voto mariel!

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