Voting for the Parallel Perception Scholarship

I would like everyone to be aware of the rules for voting in the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program . There is only one vote per person for each entry. You cannot vote for yourself.

Integrity is imperative. Please don’t create an alternate user name to vote for yourself or for others.

I am pleased with the participation and hope that power will provide the necessary votes for the person who is meant to come.

Next year I will change the rules and I will be choosing the recipient.

Warmest regards,
Lujan Matus.

Photo courtesy of Paul (Dex)

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1 Comment
  1. I agree… I’ve noticed that when leaving a comment, friends have accidentally posted it twice or had some other difficulties.

    In order to check if someone has created alternate profiles to vote for him/herself, check the IP address of comments (Not sure about Blogger, but in WordPress it’s possible). The same exact IP address = same exact computer.

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