My journey is at hand, and I am responsible.

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Katherine de Boda. If you would like to vote for Katherine please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

I first read the Art of Stalking Parallel Perception two years ago. I didn’t really read the whole thing, but bits and pieces over and over. I found it intriguing but dense and hard to read. Two years later I heard the name Lujan Matus mentioned in conjunction with physical mastery and a movement series. I could think of nothing else. I quickly signed up for a journey to Palenque with Lujan, but literally could not wait a year to start learning this new information. I refinanced my house, rented it out, packed two suitcases and left. I went to Costa Rica in October to learn the Dragon’s Tears.

In my brief time knowing Lujan, he has been a beloved guide and ally – when I thought I didn’t have one – whispering my potential, igniting my heart and catalyzing change. Here is what I have learnt from Lujan’s books and from my experience with him.

He has taught me through his image how to be a human being. How to speak to another with honesty and integrity consistently with an open heart.. To communicate from my highest level of understanding. To trust what I feel and to never harbor anything.

To have the courage to look into any mirror no matter how scary. It’s all a reflection of me. That through being truthful, and unscripted I can be present to meet the moment, and I will always get what I need.

There is what I learn through engaging with Lujan and there is what I learn through engaging with the movements.

The Dragon’s Tears feel like an old memory resurfacing. They are a gift and a tool that reveal something to me every time I do them.

My hands become so light like butterflies, relaxed and elegant. The lighter the weight, the higher the vibration, the sweeter the connection to my life force. It is felt throughout my whole body from my finger tips to the tip of my tongue. Here is where I learn through direct experience of feeling that my life force energy is not only ‘mine’ but part of Everything. As I move, I become a holographic mandala rotating, totally interconnected within Eternity. Like a child’s mobile, many points moving in connection within dimension.

The masks drop from my face, pretense is sifted out. I become so sensitive.

Vibrating hands cut through space, creating , becoming, resculpting who I really am. Pure potential. Empty space. Everything is alive and communicating with Everything. The moon, the stars and dark space between, the plant world, the earth beneath my feet, the sounds of the city, the neighbours through the walls, thought spaces mundane, contemptuous, loving, neutral, no pity. It all just is.

This sensitivity and heightened perception comes with me more and more into my ‘day to day’ interaction with others. I’m becoming faster at catching what I’m harboring and able to speak and confront more and more in the moment. Also, the sensitivity is changing the foods that I put in my body, and everything in my immediate everyday environment. Getting rid of what is processed, ‘dead’ and indirect and becoming natural.

My heart opens in gratitude to the man who did these movements to recapitulate the last moments of his life and through Lujan made them available to all who seek. I feel so gifted to be awake to this work, and to have dreamt Lujan and his benefactors into my resource circle.

I am applying for this scholarship so I can continue my studies. I feel I am starting to do the foundational work to go further into the movement series and would like to dive much deeper – into the Jaguar Series, Plum Blossom and Shadow Fist Kung Fu. I desire to know my full potential in this life time and to soar with it. From the one to the many. I welcome this new beginning.

My journey is at hand, and I am responsible.

Katherine de Boda

If you would like to vote for Katherine please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Photo courtesy of Doug Deep

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  1. I wish to vote for you Katherine ! your essay really touched me. thanks for sharing !


  2. A fragile Seahorse in the Deep Blue.
    Much stronger than it appears…*heart*

  3. You’ve described your journey with heart and passion. It’s a beautiful start.

  4. Beautiful description of what you have learned, very inspiring; may you get the chance, either from this contest or other forces, to continue to study with Lujan.

  5. Such a beautiful account. May all you need be brought to you on your path to freedom. love :)

  6. Beautiful description -I agree, and a wonderful testimonial for the Dragon’s Tears.

  7. Thank you for sharing, good luck!

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