Song to the Nagual

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Shally Brady. If you would like to vote for Shally please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Well… I’m here after months or so of rumination and your last sweet invitation, so I will unfold now. Here’s my self-portrait, and a little text to go with it. My name is Shally Brady and I have had my chances to run… run away from what I am. But whenever I would and wherever it was, my path will always circle me back to this warrior place that I am. I was a natural stalker-hunter as a kid, catching all manner of wildlife with my hands… snakes, birds, lizards, fish, frogs, a hawk. So it seemed easy to begin to “stalk” myself and tenuously stay at it, ruthless, cunning, sweet, and patient. I’ve always felt the awesome in the earth, preferring the outdoors to the cold grey buildings, like surfing and biking to feel the breathing ride of the earth… I’m on a current path of energy conservation which is leading me to heightened awareness as often as not. I’ve seen the “Lujan” looking at me from the dream and calling me as this deadline encroaches.

So I am offering this song to the Nagual.

I am the crevices in the rain-starved clay. I am the eyes of the earth looking up through the cracks unblinking underneath your every footfall. I am the dark gold cluster coming up in your pressed eye sockets, yellow-vapoured, Andromeda-strained. I am the wind that takes your breath and closes your eyes as you turn THAT corner. I am that flutter banging around in your ribcage, the smell of the sweet pea flower startling you from your slumber. I am the burr that runs down your spine as you realize the sun is setting in the east in the moment it sets in the west. I am the here; I am the there. I am nothing.

I am the dreamer awake in the dream, there in the dream, pondering the dream from the dream, other. I am something; I am nothing. I am a light running the perimeters of a self. I know your thoughts and your lines, the name of your pet, the name of your boat, the name of your hope.

I am order; I am chaos; I am notorious and I am unnoticed. I am the edge of your days, green-pinked amber folding into and out of the bruise of the darkness. I am your fortune and I am your ruin. I am the path leading nowhere… your captor, your liberator… I am everything; I am nothing. I am the moment that triples eternity that’s all of nothing and everything that’s not left. I am Nagual.

I am humbled by my good fortune to be alive in this moment challenged by this noisy tonal infused with the silent nagual and the opportunity at this cubic centimeter of chance. Thank you for considering me.

Shally Brady

If you would like to vote for Shally please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

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  1. Very beautiful, Shally. Here’s a wish that your dream comes true.

  2. your words are such beautiful poetry. may your soul be brought further along this unique journey under the careful guidance of the nagual, and may your poetic justice never cease to flow!

  3. loved the poetic imagery, thank you and good luck!

  4. I will vote for you because according to your song you are Maya and will be there anyway, as you are here. <3

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