The Descent of the Spirit

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Boyd Thompson. If you would like to vote for Boyd please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

One morning in 1984, at 6:00AM, I found myself in the presence of an amber globe and a voice that said “The Eagle”. The globe, which shown from within, was wrapped in translucent, golden feathers or leaves; these orderly layers of soles adhered smoothly to its surface. Enclosing the globe, like the egg shell encloses it’s yoke, was a transparent sphere. The sphere rolled on me with a crushing force and woke me and my nine month old daughter who had been sleeping between my wife and myself. I picked her small self up and we went into the living room to watch the sun come up over the river. This concluded four hours of being pulled by a vortex from this reality to others and back.

In the following years, I read, trying to understand that night that had become the reference point in my life. It was not until 2007, when a friend gave me “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception“, that I realized a contemporary had fallen down a similar rabbit-hole:

“They can enter our construct and appear here and they can take ones physical body and have it appear in their realm, without you having left your bed…What was to happen next took me by utter surprise, and this was the first time this had happened. Another type of luminous being approached me then and it was also composed of a golden hue. It was huge, half the size of my body. It pressed up against me as if my skin had a symbiotic relationship with its luminosity…At this point the voice appeared, pushed up against my left ear, but the pressing wasn’t physical, it was auditory.” p.267-Lujan Matus

To have that pivotal night resonate in the world was invaluable in ways that are impossible to describe. It was a gift beyond words. I wish to study with Lujan Matus, but closer to my heart is my wish to meet him.

The Eagle is our alpha and omega. It has revealed itself many times, in many tongues. It’s luminosity shines through all of us and everything. But, like a snowflake staring into water, our source is alien to us. This is the task of remembering.

Boyd Thompson

If you would like to vote for Boyd please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

Photo courtesy of Sergio One.

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  1. “Like a snowflake staring into water, our source is alien to us.” Nice. Combined to “the Descent of the Spirit” you’ve shared a gift to remember.

  2. Thank you to bring up the mystery around us.

  3. Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The wonders of the Universe manifest in many ways…thank you.

  5. Thank you and good luck!

  6. Powerfully poetic, arguably artful, meaningfully mysterious, shamelessly shamanic

  7. Opens the mind to deeper exploration.

  8. Thanks for sharing your very profound experience.

  9. Thanks for sharing your very profound experience.

  10. thanks for sharing!

  11. This note is to recommend Boyd for your Parallel Perception scholarship program. I have known Boyd since our early teen years, when we shared a near death experience.
    The immensities and mysteries that were revealed then have led us on a spirit quest for many decades. Boyd lives his life as a warrior- both his work and personal life are impeccable examples of following the heart path with sobriety and focused intent.
    His work has brought ease to thousands of the disabled and less gifted, in a field that does not offer extravagant compensation. His skillful application of shamanic principles in everyday life proves their true power.
    I am certain that his acceptance to your program will benefit the world and its inhabitants.
    I give him my very highest recommendation.
    Respectfully, Dan Reasor

  12. Isn’t it miraculous how the tapestry of love & consciousness intertwines lose ends beyond the fabric of time & space ?

    Much love toyou

  13. Yes, it is. Love, Boyd

  14. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. My best wishes to you in the coming year.

  15. Thank you

  16. Dear Lujan and Mizpah,

    Respectfully, I feel that Rugay should be honored with the on-line scholarship award, in recognition of his support for all of the applicants, and on behalf of his beloved, this rare earth.

    Thank you. Sincerely, Boyd

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