The TRUE Importance Of Our integrity

This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by Ivan David. If you would like to vote for Ivan please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.


My name is Ivan. I am from Bogota Colombia. Curiosity led me to study Dimethyltryptamine…This is how it all began for me. The reason behind it was my mother. She has Rheumatoid Arthritis. At a given point in my youth, I looked into alternate remedies that could potentially alter the way her neurologic triggers responded to such illness. I had learned tales of people with similar illnesses visiting fellow Indians from the roots of my homeland in the Amazon and consuming this chemical in the form of a drink ….their recorded results sounded promising.

Many years passed since this curious thought crossed my mind… then…almost exactly 2 years ago to the date I came across DMT. How it went about crossing my path was…out of nowhere, that when looking back at the probabilities of the situation, coincidence can be ruled out.

This golden experience brought me to a reality far distant from the one I once stubbornly inhabited and defended. For an everlasting frame in existence ” even though a short instant in time” a full spectrum of emotions rocked the very core of my being. Feeling everything and nothing, and to know I was truly alive. To have caught the glimpse of a glimmering silver ‘feline’ growling from the corner of my awareness … to know that this truly was real…it forever changed my life. The experience that took place that night has been unraveling within my life to this very day. Lujan’s works have unlocked the subconscious meaning of this breath-taking event. The occurrences and interactions of my every-day life have become puzzle-pieces that are slowly forming the grand colorful picture brought to my attention that night.

The number of unanswered questions only grew. The only difference is that the questions that arrived upon my awareness emphasized aspects about life…bits and pieces of information… truths and beliefs I once ridiculed. Coincidence became a thing of the past. It was time for the same old thing to no longer be… every experience in my life… hidden with true beauty… waiting for my TRUE attention to arrive. A chain of new lessons were knocking at my front door ….

And then here’s when [ just like another piece of this beautiful puzzle ] Lujan’s teachings came into my life. My life would never be the same again….not since I read Lujan’s books. At first, like anyone in a state of confusion, I was a skeptic. But certain experiences manifested in my life that only Lujan’s The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception would be able to walk me through… such harsh truths… Truths of a shadow and its impact on our perception… its manifestation changes the way life is approached… specially when witnessed through your loved ones. To know that we are so in sync with the celestial bodies that wonder our skies. To be able to truly stare at a living organism knowing that even though a plant, its presence interlaces with ours as if we’re one….

Lujan’s teachings share guidance in how to bring ourselves closer to this state of oneness. through the use of our heart…a state of stillness. of serenity. with ourselves. and with every bit of existence. via various techniques [such as moon gazing ] which energetically aid our being and directly aid those we come in contact with, for they are also affected by our actions and our various diverse states of awareness. The grand connection that beautifully began to unravel between people I’ve known, people I’ve come to meet (physically and through literature[ like Chris Boyce, David Wilcock, among many] ) & our shared experiences is proof that Lujan’s words impact every aspect of ones awareness…like golden strings of color unseen by the naked eye but felt upon sense… connecting everything. Lessons and words perfectly designed to cross paths like clockwork. The truth behind every word encourages, emphasizes, and teaches the TRUE importance of our integrity. I would like to study and learn shamanic movement with Lujan Matus for this very reason. Not only to dig deeper within myself and resolve many aspects of my life but also to discover/reunite with a part of myself that is eager to resurface… to help me help others. I know I have a long way to go, and there’s much more to learn… for my journey has just begun. My arms are wide open to embrace the opportunity; to be able to share these experiences and I thank Lujan for offering this chance since I had recently reached out for tuition aid myself.

I ask you to please vote for me and at the same time I’d like to wish everyone who shared their stories the best of luck…. From the bottom of my heart.

Thank you in advance for your time !

Ivan David

If you would like to vote for Ivan please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

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  1. DMT? There’s a blind courage about your journey that recalls the instincts of a war correspondent or conflicted writer wandering the trenches in search of salvation. This kind of gusto always matters.

  2. Good luck Ivan! I’m sure we have much more to discuss in future

  3. I feel you’re walking the Path of Heart already…:)

    Looking forward to see and hear more…

  4. ivan… navi backwards! :-)

    good luck, my friend. may time bless you with his good fortune and fate smile gently with her mysterious eyes – you are already on the path of the heart, remain loyal to it!


  5. Jerry, Mike, Rugay, Navi and dear Lujan Matus …and any of the readers of my essay along with the writers of the other entries….

    Thank you for your time !

    In regards of the Eight Gates of dreaming Awake:

    The past few months have been a true journey as I feel the development of my experiences continue to open up my awareness… at a faster and faster rate everyday…

    Through tough personal lessons involing my family, my friends, everyone around me and myself;the perception in which my life unfolds on a daily basis is currently clearing the old. I feel empty room is being created for me to accept the change that I must face inward and personally to heal and learn from my mistakes so I can help my self and help others by being in a position in which I can offer my true potential for the well being of those around me.

    I have been put in a pivotal position in my family in which my efforts have been able to help us grow both together and personal. I feel blessed and I thank all the forces that exist that aid me and my loved ones… But I can’t continue to help if I haven’t been able to attain a level of understanding or guidance ( in this case through the use of techniques taught by you Lujan) in order to further grow. And to know the beneficial procedures to provide aid to those I love….. which as of lately, it seems to be everyone that inhabits planet earth and ideally those beyond…. for I await to know such things….

    I explained how this began with my mom and my urge to be able to help her . To ease her pain. To give her all my energy in order for her to be ok. Because I am willing to do anything for her. And for the people I love. And I believe the eight gates of dreaming awake among w ith the rest of your teachings and guidance will help me help this cause.

    I know that I want this change but somehow I continue to do what’s possible to balance the social structure that time and I deal with evryday… and further my spirtual growth to do what I believe is my purpose here from this point on… but these tools you offer and their descriptions and testimonials confirm these will allow me to tip the scale…

    Time and I are always conversing with each other amongst situations in order to adjust the rate at which I clear my bad habits or measure up to potential change.

    I want to do what it takes to heal and to help heal . So whether it is me who is granted this opportunity or not… I know that its time to face this head on and I want to know what I can do to commence/continue my learning with you….

    I truly don’t want my mom to be in pain anymore and if this technique will help her sleep, feel, and live at ease along with those that surround me, I wanna do what it takes to study with you.

    I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to reach out to you but this is me just speaking my mind because I feel an urgency within to take action. And to work on the true importance of our integrity that seems to lead us down a path that contains difficult hurdles…. that I seem to keep on tripping over.

    I don’t know what the rest of this year holds but I know it would be irresponsible to wait any longer to act up and firmly walk the path deep down I know I should walk…

    Like always, thanks for your time Lujan, last minute things seem to only be a perception… I knew what I wanted to say for weeks yet I couldntve said it until after the lessons I’ve been taught up until this very instant… I look forward to dreaming and potentially encountering a friendly face…. I usually do but I feel it’d be nice to meet yours truly. From space time to time space… goodnight Lujan.

    Good luck to everyone else,
    We all have our personal struggles and I wish we can all heal and find what were looking for…

    Something tells me I don’t have to look too far.


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