This application for the Parallel Perception Scholarship Program was submitted by James Douglas. If you would like to vote for James please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

With the intention of getting some work done (some clinical trials and this essay, respectively), my partner and I left the house and started walking; comparing the qualities of local coffee shops as we did so. Intuition told her we needed to turn around and head to the shop where, to our surprise, a friend of mine and student of Lujans arrived just after we did. The blatant synchronicity was not lost on us, and as we sat discussing the potential directions of the essay, he mentioned that one of the benefits of its writing was to instigate recall. I agreed, and began jotting down lessons and bits of memories. A dense interconnected web began to take shape on the flat plane of the page, serving to merge all these events into timeless relation.

I met this friend at an intentional gathering in a state of “walking between the worlds,” a state which relied heavily on bringing my dreaming awareness to this construct. He seemed to notice the same subtle cues from the environment and exhibited a similar care and precision around speaking. On the dance floor he skillfully made me aware of a moment of braggadocios movement which brought me quickly back to a state where I could just be danced. I see that some of the movements I have learned from spirit are aligned with those Lujan is teaching, and feel that a directed, specific practice would be much more effective than haphazardly stumbling into an energetic configuration here and there. Much like how reading small paragraph on Dragon’s Breath uncovered a fundamental teaching received while pursuing the essence of existence, and buried under years of memories competing for relevance.

So it is that much of what I have learned from Lujan consists of situations which reflect meaningful similarities and resonate thematically with events that have unfolded in my vision or have otherwise made sense to me. Long before I encountered the parable of the crows I was taught through observation and participation the power of preconceived notions to blind people to each other; or rather, I was shown people who would let my gossip win over their personal experience. First hand I was made to witness the trouble words cause for one trying to escape their limitations. Though the lesson for me happened over 10 years ago, the parable is proving extremely potent in teaching others.

Another resonance occurred when I reached the practices of and concepts behind sexual energy and its cultivation. The techniques coming from Lujan gave me a tool set with which to address proactively that which the feminine essential aspect of life had commanded, and gave me much preparation for beings and situations that were to come.

One such situation occurred during what I recognized as an important and potentially transformational energetic process instigated by spirit in a new acquaintance. At a particularly difficult point the process was interrupted and that person shrank back from the awareness of herself, revealing for the first (recognizable) time an ‘aspect’ especially skilled at using gossip to create and maintain a relatively superior position. By calling attention to this behavior each time it occurred I made them face themselves, but soon a defensive ‘mechanism’ unfurled itself like a veil between their awareness and the escaping moment. I have met this before, and recognize it by its actions which center around shielding an individual from recognition of their actions or memories. In previous encounters I had deemed this a ‘segment of the personality’ which is just as smart as- and completely invisible to them, and invited by them for protection. In this case the intelligence I encountered seemed cunning beyond what I previously thought this person capable, leading me to believe they were in collusion with something else. Dreaming soon confirmed this when I witnessed myself from a perspective above and behind opening my home to this person and missing the dark shadow slipping in past our feet. It was upon recognition of this scene that the writings of Lujan began to connect in a perspective-enlarging way, giving me alternative descriptors and standpoints to consider when trying to remain fluid in the presence of such entities.

Over the course of a year or so interaction with this person, and from other situations where I recognized shadow and pursued it like a hunter, it became clear that beings (things which be) exist that I am perhaps not yet fully equipped to confront. It is painful to see it operating through people I know and love, diabolical in its intention to confound, divert, and generally turn us against each other in order to hide and perpetuate itself. Testimonials I have read from students of Lujan reflect powerful similarities to what I observe in people pressed with the truth of the moment. The deftness with which he seems to catalyze these processes seems orders of magnitude evolved beyond my own, and I feel that further refinement of the ‘dancing’, breathing, and witnessing techniques life has been trying to teach me all along will be beneficial either to myself or to others I touch. I do not presume to know how, I just know that something is happening here. Whether this path leads to direct contact with Lujan or to more contact with his concretized words is yet to be seen, and I am over my word limit.

James Douglas

If you would like to vote for James please leave a comment at the end of this blog post.

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  1. Your account reflects not only a deep involvement and commitment to your battles, but also a genuine humility. Like an interesting and excellent friend.

  2. A scholar on the quest for scholarship – this is what I sense from your words and the considerate way you’re using them….

    My vote for you

  3. The door has been opened.
    Good Luck!

  4. Your account reflects not only a deep involvement and commitment to your battles, but also a genuine humility. Like an interesting and excellent friend.

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